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Potato casserole with cabbage

Ingredients for Cooking Potato Casseroles with Cabbage

  1. Potato 10 pieces
  2. White cabbage (fresh) 1/2 medium fork
  3. Onions 1 piece (medium)
  4. Carrot 1 piece (medium)
  5. Tomato paste 1 tablespoon (optional)
  6. Sour cream 2 tablespoons
  7. Chicken egg 1 piece
  8. Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons
  9. Breadcrumbs 2 tablespoons
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Ground black pepper to taste
  12. Purified water as needed
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Potato, Onion, Carrot, Eggs
  • Portion 5-6
  • World Cuisine


A glass (capacity 250 grams), a tablespoon, a kitchen knife, a cutting board - 2 pieces, paper kitchen towels, a stove, an oven, a deep pan with a lid (capacity 3 liters), a deep non-stick pan with a lid (capacity 2 liters), a wooden kitchen spatula, slotted spoon, tablespoon, tablespoon - 2 pieces, a potato crusher, a non-stick or heat-resistant baking dish, kitchen potholders, a metal kitchen spatula, a serving plate.

Cooking potato gratin with cabbage:

Step 1: prepare the vegetables.

First of all, using a sharp kitchen knife, peel the vegetables specified in the recipe, and remove the top, almost always damaged leaves from the leaves of cabbage. After that, these ingredients are thoroughly washed, dried with paper kitchen towels, put on a cutting board and continue preparation. We divide each potato tuber into large slices ranging in size from 3 to 4 centimeters, send it into a deep pan, fill it with purified water and put on medium heat.

We shred the cabbage with straws 1 cm thick.

Grind carrots on a large or medium grater.

We chop the beam into cubes up to 5-6 millimeters in size.

Step 2: boil the potatoes.

When the water in the potato pot boils, use a slotted spoon to remove the white foam from the surface of the bubbling liquid. After that, we note the time and cook this product until ready for about 20-25 minutes, although the duration may vary depending on the size of the cut as well as the variety. It is better to periodically pierce the vegetable with the teeth of a table fork, if they enter smoothly, without pressure - ready! We cover the pan with a lid so that a small gap remains, and holding it with a kitchen towel, completely drain all the hot liquid into the sink without a trace.

Step 3: prepare mashed potatoes.

Now, using a special pusher, knead the potatoes to a uniform, loose consistency without lumps. Add sour cream, a raw chicken egg to the mashed potatoes, salt to taste, and, if desired, a little black pepper. Thoroughly mix everything with a tablespoon to a homogeneous consistency, cover the pan with a lid, temporarily set aside and move on.

Step 4: stew onions, carrots and cabbage.

Simultaneously with cooking potatoes, you can cook a vegetable filling. We put a large non-stick pan on the next burner and pour a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil into it. Just a few minutes later we drop carrots and onions there. Fry them 2-3 minutesstirring constantly with a wooden kitchen spatula. Then we add cabbage to these vegetables, sprinkle everything to taste with salt and cook 5 minutes, periodically loosening to a uniform consistency.

After that, reduce the fire to a level between the smallest and the average. Then we pour a glass of purified water into the pan, cover the hot dishes with a lid and simmer the resulting mixture until all the ingredients are soft, this will take about 20-25 minutes.

As soon as the cabbage is ready, season it with tomato paste, black ground pepper, mix everything again, stand on the stove for more 5-6 minutes and move aside, let the vegetable mass cool slightly.

Step 5: form a potato casserole with cabbage.

In the meantime, turn on and warm up oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Next, we take a non-stick or heat-resistant baking dish, with the help of a baking brush, grease its bottom, as well as the inside of the sides with vegetable oil and crush the fat with two tablespoons of breadcrumbs. Then we divide the mashed potatoes into 2 parts of equal size, immediately place one of them in the dishes prepared for baking and gently ram with a tablespoon around the entire perimeter. From above, on a yellowish-white mass, distribute the entire vegetable filling, cover it with a potato mixture, slightly pressing it so that it lies flat, and proceed to the next, almost final step.

Step 6: bake a potato casserole with cabbage.

We put the formed dish in the oven preheated to the desired temperature on the middle rack and bake it 25-30 minutesduring which it has time to brown and reach full readiness. Then we put kitchen gloves on our hands, move the form onto a chopping board, previously laid on the countertop, and let the fragrant dish cool slightly.

After that, helping ourselves with a metal kitchen spatula, divide the potato casserole with cabbage into portions, distribute them on plates and try the creation of our golden pens!

Step 7: serve the potato gratin with cabbage.

Potato casserole with cabbage is served hot or warm as a second main course or a side dish for dishes of meat, poultry, fish and even game. As an addition to this yummy, you can offer sour cream, marinades, pickles, salads from fresh vegetables, sauces based on tomatoes or dairy products. Cook with pleasure and be healthy!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- want to cook a lean potato casserole? In this case, cabbage can be simply boiled or steamed, or still fried in vegetable oil, and mashed potatoes in water in which this vegetable was boiled and instead of an egg with sour cream, add a couple of tablespoons of sifted wheat flour to it;

- before baking, the formed dish can be greased with sour cream, cream or mayonnaise and sprinkled with breadcrumbs or crushed hard cheese;

- during the preparation of this dish, you can use any spices and dried herbs, which season dishes from vegetables;

- tomato, onions and carrots are not essential ingredients, you can prepare a dish without them (especially if you are a nursing mother or have problems with your stomach), just stew the cabbage in the water along with spices and, if desired, give it a sour flavor with table or wine vinegar, although lemon juice is also good.