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Cookies from cottage cheese "Rosettes"

Ingredients for making cottage cheese cookies "Rosettes"

For the test:

  1. Curd weight 200 grams
  2. Margarine 200 grams
  3. 2 egg yolks
  4. Wheat flour 1 cup
  5. Refined vegetable oil for greasing the pan

For filling:

  1. Sugar 1 cup
  2. Egg whites 2 pieces
  3. Ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Cottage Cheese, Flour, Sugar
  • Serving 7 servings


Saucer, cutting board, kitchen knife, teaspoon, tablespoon, mixer, medium bowl, deep bowl for mixer, strainer, cling film, refrigerator, small bowl, rolling pin, kitchen table, pastry brush, baking sheet, oven, kitchen gloves, dish for serving, deep bowl, spatula, fork

Cooking cookies from cottage cheese "Roses":

Step 1: prepare the flour.

In order for “Rosettes” to turn out delicious and lush, you need to not only choose good cottage cheese, but also prepare the flour correctly. To do this, pour the component into a sieve and sift it over a small bowl. So the flour will be saturated with oxygen and get rid of excess lumps. Thanks to this, the dough will turn out very tender and airy.

Step 2: prepare the margarine.

We spread margarine on a cutting board and, using a knife, chop into small pieces. Then we move the crushed component into a clean saucer and leave it aside for a while so that it becomes soft. Attention: you don’t need to speed up this process with a microwave, as this can ruin the margarine structure and the dough just doesn’t work.

Step 3: prepare the egg yolks.

Pour the egg yolks into a deep bowl and use a mixer to beat until lush foam. Important: strongly mixing the components is not necessary, it is enough that they become uniform and viscous in consistency.

Step 4: prepare the cookie dough.

In a medium bowl, spread the soft slices of margarine, as well as the curd mass. Using a fork, mix everything thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is formed. Then pour the beaten egg yolks here and start adding the sifted flour in small portions. Important: in parallel with this, thoroughly mix with a fork or whisk with a mixer at low speed so that no lumps appear.
When the mass begins to become very thick, transfer it to the kitchen table, crushed with a little flour. We continue to knead the dough with clean hands, and so on until it becomes firm and elastic. Attention: also the mass should not stick to the fingers, otherwise the "Rosettes" will not work.

Now we give the test the shape of a ball, using a knife we ​​cut it into four parts and wrap each with cling film. Put the pieces in the refrigerator and leave for 2 hoursso that they insist and freeze.

Step 5: prepare the filling for.

5-7 minutes to complete Pour the egg whites into the clean, deep bowl for the mixer (which must be washed under running water and dried well so that there is no liquid). Using a mixer, beat the components at high speed until a strong foam appears. Immediately after that, in small portions we begin to pour sugar with cinnamon and continue to mix everything thoroughly with improvised equipment. We should get a beautiful fluffy foam, without sugar crystals, which holds its shape.

Step 6: prepare the cottage cheese cookies.

When the dough is infused, we take it out of the refrigerator and free it from the cling film. We put the pieces in turn on the kitchen table, crushed with a small amount of flour, and roll them into a rectangular layer. Attention: the thickness of the cake should not be more 5 millimeters.

Next, spread the protein mass on the entire surface of the formation, making small indents from the edges. Important: for each rectangular cake no more than two tablespoons of the filling should go.

Now wrap the dough stuffed with a roll, starting from the larger edge. Using a knife, cut it across slices approximately 1-1.5 centimeters.

Now turn on the oven and heat it to a temperature 200 degrees. Attention: immediately put the baking sheet on the middle tier so that it can also heat up well. Pour a little flour into a deep bowl and start cooking “Rosettes”. With the help of the kitchen tack, we slightly get the baking sheet, grease the bottom and walls with vegetable oil, using a pastry brush. Now, having dipped each cookie on one side into the loose component, gently spread it on a hot surface. We place all the "rosettes" in the container at a distance of two centimeters from each other and then put them back in the oven. Bake the dish for 15-20 minutes until a golden crust appears on the surface. During this time, cookies should double in size. At the end, turn off the oven, and take out the baking sheet with the help of kitchen tacks and set it aside. Let the rosettes become warm.

Step 7: serve the cottage cheese cookies.

When the cookies become warm, with the help of a kitchen spatula we transfer it to a special plate and serve it with a dessert table along with tea or coffee. It turns out very tasty and satisfying, so you can easily treat your friends with such “Rosettes”.
Have a nice tea party!

Recipe Tips:

- finely chopped nuts can also be added to the filling. True, in this version, the dough does not rise much, as with protein mass, so you can try two options at once and evaluate which one you like best;

- if you decide to use ordinary cottage cheese instead of curd mass, then be sure to beat it in advance with a blender at high speed. Do this until the mass is creamy in consistency;

- To prepare a good air dough, use premium wheat flour, fine grinding and a proven brand name.