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Pumpkin casserole with cottage cheese

Ingredients for making pumpkin casserole with cottage cheese

  1. Curd fat 0% 250 grams
  2. 2 eggs
  3. Semolina 100 grams
  4. Sour cream with a fat content of 10-15% 150 milliliters
  5. Sugar 2 tablespoons
  6. Fresh pumpkin 200 grams
  7. Salt 1 pinch
  8. Seedless raisins 1 handful
  9. Refined vegetable oil for greasing the pan
  • Main ingredientsPumpkin, Cottage cheese, Sour cream, Semolina
  • Serving 6 servings


Tablespoon, deep bowl - 2 pieces, cutting board, kitchen knife, refractory glass pan, microwave, wooden spatula, blender, middle bowl, fork, kitchen paper towels, oven, kitchen oven mitts, baking dish, baking paper, dish for serving, pastry brush

Cooking pumpkin casserole with cottage cheese:

Step 1: prepare semolina with sour cream.

Pour sour cream into a deep bowl and pour semolina. Using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is formed. Then we leave the mixture aside for half an hour so that the semolina is swollen (then the casserole will turn out to be very magnificent and tasty).

Step 2: prepare the raisins.

Pour raisins into a free deep bowl and pour hot water. Let it stand for 10 minutes. During this time, it will swell. Just what we need! Then carefully drain the liquid, and thoroughly rinse the dried fruits under running warm water to remove any dirt and sand.
At the end, put the ingredients on kitchen paper towels and leave them aside to dry them.

Step 3: prepare the pumpkin.

We wash the pumpkin well under running warm water, wipe it with kitchen paper towels and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, remove the peel from the vegetable and then cut the component into small pieces. Attention: if necessary, clean the pumpkin from the seeds and seeds.
Next, put the orange slices in a refractory glass pan and put in the microwave on 2.5 minutes. So that the pumpkin is well baked, I advise you to set the power 900 W. Then we get the container from there, mix its contents with a wooden spatula and put it in the microwave again for the same time. Pumpkin should be soft and supple.

At the end, we again take out the pan from the microwave and, using a blender, grind the component to a puree consistency. We should get a lush and at the same time dense mass, which is ideal for casseroles.

Step 4: prepare the curd mixture.

Put cottage cheese in a medium bowl, as well as sugar with a pinch of salt. Using a knife, we break the egg shell, and pour the yolks with proteins into a common container. With a fork, mix everything thoroughly and so on until the components are converted into a homogeneous, lush mass without cheese grains.

Step 5: prepare a pumpkin casserole with cottage cheese.

We transfer pumpkin puree into a container with swollen semolina and, using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until smooth.
Then we transfer the mixture to a bowl with curd and with a blender we grind everything at medium speed until the consistency of the cream. In the end, pour raisins here and mix well again with a tablespoon.

Next, turn on the oven and heat it to a temperature 180 degrees. Meanwhile, cover the baking dish with parchment and grease it with a pastry brush with a small amount of vegetable oil. Pour the casserole dough here and level its surface with a wooden spatula. When the oven reaches the desired temperature, put the container in it at an average level and bake for 30-35 minutesuntil the dish turns golden. After the allotted time, turn off the oven, slightly open the door, but we are in no hurry to get out the casserole dish. Let it stand another 15 minutes. Next, with the help of kitchen gloves, we take the container and set it aside. The casserole should cool completely.

Step 6: serve the pumpkin casserole with cottage cheese.

When the pumpkin casserole with cottage cheese has cooled, we take it out of the form and carefully transfer it to a special flat plate. Using a knife, cut it into portioned portions and serve it with a dessert table, along with sour cream, jams and other sweet sauces. But you can drink such a delicious dish with tea, coffee and other drinks.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- Before serving, casserole can be sprinkled with powdered sugar. Only in this case should it be completely cooled, otherwise the loose component will melt;

- If desired, the pumpkin can be baked in the oven, wrapping each piece in food foil in advance. Cooking time will take you approximately 10-15 minutes;

- In addition to raisins, you can add other dried fruits to the casserole. For example, it can be prunes, dried apricots, as well as figs and much more to your taste.