Rice and Squid Salad

Ingredients for Salad with Rice and Squid

  1. Italian rice (e.g. Carnaroli or Arborio) 1 cup
  2. Frozen squids 300 grams
  3. Frozen or fresh peas 300 grams
  4. Lemon 1 piece
  5. Olive oil 4-5 tablespoons
  6. Ground white pepper to taste
  7. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients: Squids, Lemon, Rice
  • Serving 5-6
  • World CuisineItalian Cuisine


Saucepan, colander, grater with small holes, citrus juice squeezer, frying pan, wooden spatula, wooden spoon, disposable paper towels, deep salad bowl.

Making a salad with rice and squid:

Step 1: boil rice.

First, you need to cook rice. To do this, pour it into a saucepan and pour a large amount of water, put on a strong fire and bring to a boil. Add salt, reduce and cook 12-15 minutes or until fully prepared. Discard the boiled rice in such a way in a colander and fix it on the weight so that excess water from the rice groats of the glass. Once this happens, put the rice in a bowl in which you will knead the salad so that it cools. For further cooking, we need rice at about room temperature.

Step 2: prepare the pic.

While the rice cools, rinse the lemon thoroughly, because we will use its zest, so you can not leave any dirt or dark spots on the skin. After washing, be sure to pour a little boiling water over the fruit.
Now rub the zest of your lemon directly into the cooling rice. For cooking, you need only a bright yellow part, so stop when you get to the white flesh.

Now add a few tablespoons of olive oil to the rice and mix everything thoroughly, distributing the same zest of lemon evenly throughout the groats.

Step 3: stew squids.

Squid carcasses must be cleaned. It is very easy to remove the head and entrails; they can simply be torn out or pulled out by hand. Also do not forget the transparent chitin records. The peel is also removed very simply, like a film. Now rinse the peeled carcasses and tentacles in cool water. Crush carcasses with ringlets, and I usually leave the tentacles whole.
Heat a small amount of olive oil in a pan and fry the squid rings and tentacles in it, seasoning with salt and white pepper. This seafood needs to be fried literally 2-4 minutes, not more. Then drain excess oil from the squid and, just like rice, set aside to cool, laying them on disposable paper towels.

Step 4: Cook Green Peas.

In order to cook frozen peas, boil water in a pan and pour your green ingredient there. Add salt, white pepper and cook 3-5 minutes until ready. Now also throw the peas in a colander and get rid of excess water.

Step 5: mix the salad.

Before mixing all the ingredients in one salad, wait until they all cool slightly. After that, send slices of squid and peas to the rice, mix everything well. To taste, add more olive oil, salt and white pepper. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice from one of its halves, and then season your salad with it. Mix everything well again, try to see if you still need spices. If everything is in abundance, then send the salad with rice and squid to cool in the refrigerator 1 hour. After that, boldly proceed to serving it on the table.

Step 6: serve the salad with rice and squid.

Serve the chilled salad with rice and squid by shifting it into a beautiful salad bowl. Garnish it with a few slices of lemon and all, enjoy the light and refreshing taste of Italian cuisine and seafood.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of frozen green peas, you can also use canned, but first you should drain the water from it.

- If you are a big fan of mayonnaise, then of course you can season this salad with them. Then you get a completely different dish, not so light and refreshing.

- It is best to use fine sea salt to make this salad.