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Cookie cake

Cooking Cake Ingredients

  1. Shortbread or biscuit cookies 400-500 grams
  2. Condensed milk 1 can
  3. Concentrated sterilized milk or creamy fat 300-400 milliliters
  4. Small lemon 2 pieces
  • Main Ingredients Cream, Sponge Cake, Condensed Milk
  • Serving 10 Servings


Juicer, cutting board, kitchen knife, refrigerator, deep detachable baking dish, baking paper, serving dish, large bowl, hand whisk, wooden spatula small bowl, tablespoon, cling film

Cooking a cake from cookies:

Step 1: prepare the lemon.

Thoroughly rinse the lemons under running warm water and put them on a cutting board. Using a knife, cut citruses into two parts. Using a juicer, squeeze juice out of each piece and leave it aside for a while. I think you have already guessed that we do not need the component itself. And all because his juice will serve as a thickener for the cream, because after cooking it turns out to be quite liquid.

Step 2: prepare the cookies.

With clean hands, break the cookies in half and immediately spread the pieces into a small bowl. Attention: You can also do this more carefully. To do this, simply lay out the component on a cutting board and cut it with a knife. By the way, the more cookies, the better. Then the cake will be richer and tastier. Depending on how large your baking dish is, the number of components can be increased.

Step 3: prepare the cream for the cake.

Pour condensed and concentrated milk into a large bowl. Using a hand whisk, thoroughly beat the components until a homogeneous mass is formed. Important: Do not be alarmed if the cream is liquid at first. It should be so.

Next, pour a thin stream of freshly squeezed lemon juice into the container, continuing to whisk everything with the improvised inventory. As soon as we introduce the liquid, the mass will begin to thicken slightly and even curl up, but will still remain liquid. If so, then we are doing everything right. Everything, the cream is ready, so proceed to the preparation of the cake.

Step 4: make a cookie cake.

Cover the baking dish with parchment. This must be done if you have a removable form. Since the cream is still very liquid, it can seep through the crevices. Now spread the first layer of cookies. Attention: if there are voids between the baked goods, do not worry, as during the tincture it will swell and become uniform.

Then pour the cream here so that it completely covers the first layer. Do not forget to smooth its surface with a tablespoon.

We continue to lay out the layers until all the ingredients are over.

Important: the surface of the cake must be covered with cream. At the end, wrap the mold with cling film (so that the pastries are not saturated with extraneous odors) and put in the refrigerator for the whole night, and preferably a day.

When the cake is ready, we take it out of a cold place and transfer it to a cutting board. Using a knife, cut off the edges, giving it a square shape. Attention: the remaining pieces can be eaten or given to children. The cake itself is moved to a special flat plate and set the kettle to warm up.

Step 5: serve the cookie cake.

We put the finished cookie cake on the dessert table and only after that we cut into portioned slices. But treating households and friends with such delicious and delicate pastries can be with tea, coffee, juices or compotes. Cake turns out to be moderately sweet with a gentle sourness. Enjoy it!
Have a nice tea party!

Recipe Tips:

- cream is also suitable for preparing cream instead of concentrated milk. In this option, take them with a high percentage of fat content. Sometimes I even use homemade ones, then the cream turns out to be more saturated and thick;

- You can use any cookies. The main thing is that it absorbs the cream mass well and swells. I often experiment, so my cake can be sand-based, as well as from baked cookies. Once I even used oatmeal and biscuit (I say right away, do not try, since the cake is not swollen and poorly soaked);

- for the preparation of dessert, you can also take custard or sour cream-curd cream. He will have to tinker longer, but the cake will turn out to be five plus;

- between the layers you can also put slices of orange without a peel, berries, slices of kiwi and even a banana.