Salad "Pomegranate Bracelet" with beef

Ingredients for the preparation of salad "Pomegranate Bracelet" with beef

  1. 3-4 medium sized potatoes
  2. Fresh beef pulp 300-350 grams
  3. Fresh champignons 250-300 grams
  4. White onion medium size 1 piece
  5. 3-4 eggs
  6. Canned corn 200 grams
  7. Pitted prunes 150-200 grams
  8. Shelled walnuts 2 large handfuls
  9. Pomegranate grains peeled from membranes 2-2.5 cups
  10. Vegetable oil for frying
  11. Mayonnaise to taste
  12. Salt to taste
  13. Ground black pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients: Beef, Potato, Pomegranate, Mushrooms
  • Serving 8 servings


A stove, a middle pan with a lid - 2 pieces, a fork, a slotted spoon, a small pan, kitchen potholders, a small bowl - 2 pieces, a plate - 3 pieces, a deep bowl, a cutting board, a kitchen knife, a coarse grater, a tablespoon, a glass, a frying pan , wooden spatula, blender, flat serving dish, narrow long glass jar (500-700 milliliters), kitchen brush

Preparation of salad "Pomegranate bracelet" with beef:

Step 1: prepare the potatoes.

Using a kitchen brush, thoroughly rinse the potatoes under running warm water. This must be done to remove residual soil and other dirt. Now put the tubers in a medium saucepan and fill with ordinary cold liquid from the tap so that it completely covers the components. We put the container on a big fire and cover it with a lid. When the water boils, slightly tighten the burner and cook the potatoes in their uniforms about 25-30 minutes. After the allotted time, the tubers should be checked for readiness. To do this, gently pierce them with a fork and look. If the inventory easily enters the pulp of the components, then everything is ready and you can turn off the burner. If not, then extend the cooking time yet for 7-10 minutes.

At the end, transfer the potatoes to a cutting board and let cool to a warm state. Next, using a knife, remove the peel and, using a coarse grater, rub the tubers directly over a small bowl.

Step 2: prepare the beef.

We thoroughly rinse the beef pulp under running water to wash off the fragments from the bones, and put it on a cutting board. Using a knife, we clear the meat of veins, films and excess fat.

Now we move it to a clean medium pan and fill it completely with ordinary liquid from the tap. We put the container on a large fire and slightly cover it with a lid. Attention: when the water begins to boil, foam will begin to form on its surface. Be sure to remove it with a slotted spoon and throw it into the sink. Immediately after that we reduce the heat and cook the beef for about 70-90 minutes depending on your plate and the meat itself. After an hour, check it with a fork or the edge of a knife. To do this, pierce the component and see how soft it became. If it has almost been cooked, then you can turn off the burner. If not, then wait until the end of the planned time.

At the end, we transfer the beef to a cutting board and leave it alone. Let the meat become warm. Then grind it with slices, sprinkle with a small amount of salt and transfer to a clean small bowl.

Step 3: prepare the eggs.

We lay the eggs in a small pan and fill with ordinary cold water so that it completely covers them. We put the container on medium heat and wait for the liquid to boil. Then slightly screw the burner and boil hard-boiled eggs for 10 minutes. In the end, with the help of the kitchen tack, we rearrange the pan into the sink and turn on cold running water. Let the components cool completely to room temperature.

Then we clear their shells with clean hands and put them on a cutting board. Using a coarse grater, we rub the components directly over a clean plate and leave it aside for a while.

Step 4: prepare the champignons.

The mushrooms are well washed under running warm water, shake off excess liquid and spread on a cutting board. Using a knife, we remove coarsened places on the hats and legs and then grind into pieces. Pour finely chopped mushrooms into a clean plate, and pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the pan and put on medium heat.

When the contents in the container are well warmed up, put the crushed components here and, stirring them with a wooden spatula from time to time, fry them until tender golden. Attention: if desired, sprinkle champignons at the end with salt and black pepper.

Step 5: prepare the white onions.

With a knife, peel the onion from the husk and rinse thoroughly under running water. Now we lay out the component on a cutting board and finely chop into cubes. Attention: the smaller the onion slices, the more tender they will be combined with other components of the salad. At the end, pour the component into a clean plate and proceed to the preparation of prunes.

Step 6: prepare the prunes.

We thoroughly rinse the prunes under running water and put them on a cutting board. Using a knife, cut dried fruit into medium slices and move into a deep bowl.

Step 7: prepare a mixture of nuts and prunes.

Pieces of prunes and walnuts are laid out in a blender bowl and chopped at high speed until a homogeneous mass is formed. This mix will give the salad an unforgettable taste and aroma. Using a spoon, transfer the mass back to a deep bowl and leave it alone for a while.

Step 8: prepare the salad.

We take a flat plate for serving and put in the center a jar or glass. We spread potato chips around the container with the first layer. Then lightly add it and grease with a small amount of mayonnaise. Attention: Be sure to gently squeeze each layer with a tablespoon so that it holds the shape after we get the glass from the center. Now we have sliced ​​boiled beef on top. Do not forget to also apply a little sauce on this surface. Spread the fried champignons with a third layer and sprinkle with chopped onions. Important: We try to apply the components so that they do not go beyond the boundaries of the shape of the salad. Next, lay out the crushed eggs in a circle and grease them with mayonnaise. At the end, add canned corn and a mixture of prunes and walnuts. This layer will be final, so be sure to lubricate it with sauce.

At the end, gently decorate the salad with pomegranate seeds so that from the side it really resembles a pomegranate bracelet. Now you can very carefully get a glass from the center of the dish, we no longer need it.

Step 9: serve the salad.

Ready salad can be immediately served at the festive table. If you are not in a hurry, then put the dish in the refrigerator. Then it will infuse and take. Thanks to this, all layers and, most importantly, pomegranate grains will stick tightly to you. It is nice to understand that the salad is not only beautiful, but also very tasty. We put it on the table without cutting into portions. Let guests enjoy its appearance.
Bon appetit to all!

Recipe Tips:

- when we fry mushrooms, you can add chopped onions to them. Then the salad will turn out with a particularly pleasant aroma and taste;

- To decorate the dish, be sure to take a very ripe pomegranate. Since guests usually eat this dish with grains, they must be soft so that they can be easily bitten by their teeth;

- we form the salad on a beautiful flat plate, since after cooking we will no longer transfer it to another container;

- so that the salad looks aesthetically pleasing after you get the glass from the center of the dish, I advise you to very carefully put mayonnaise on the inside and decorate it with pomegranate seeds.