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Shortcake with curd

Ingredients for making shortcake with cottage cheese

For the test

  1. Wheat flour 400 grams
  2. Egg 2 pieces
  3. Butter 200 grams
  4. Sugar 200 grams
  5. Baking powder 1 teaspoon
  6. Salt 1 pinch

For filling

  1. Curd 700 grams
  2. Egg 1 piece
  3. Sugar 2 tablespoons

For sprinkling

  1. A mixture of nuts 150 grams
  • Main ingredients: Cottage cheese, Shortbread dough
  • Portion4-5
  • World Cuisine


Baking dish, cling film, blender, blender bowl, coarse grater, tablespoon, hot pot holders, two small plates with high fields.

Cooking shortcake with cottage cheese:

Step 1: Prepare the dough.

Break the indicated number of eggs into a bowl and beat them with a blender with sugar and salt. Meanwhile, melt the butter, for example, by building a steam bath, then pour it into the flour and mix thoroughly, adding baking powder. Then pour in the beaten eggs and knead the dough with your hands. After it is completely ready, divide it visually into three parts and, having plucked off one third, wrap it in cling film and send it to the refrigerator. Distribute most of the dough on a baking sheet greased with butter or margarine.

Step 2: Prepare the filling.

Beat eggs with sugar for filling and mix this mass with cottage cheese. In order to make the filling more tender, I mix it with a blender, but this is not necessary at all.

Step 3: Prepare the sprinkle.

Grind the mixture of nuts in a blender, then add to it the very one third of the dough that we put in the refrigerator. But add the dough for a reason, and rub it on a coarse grater. Stir the mixture to sprinkle the cake with a tablespoon.

Step 4: Bake the cake.

Set the oven to warm up 180 degreesIn the meantime, engage in the formation of a sand program. To do this, pour the curd filling on the dough laid in the form and evenly distribute it with a spoon or spatula over the entire surface. Sprinkle over cooked mixture with nuts and grated dough. That's all, the cake is formed and you can bake it. You need to do it 45-50 minutes or until a golden crust forms. Do not rush to remove the finished cake from the mold, wait until it cools down, that is, wait 2-3 hours and you can serve!

Step 5: Serve a shortcake with cottage cheese.

Serve a shortcake with curd filling divided into portions. You can also decorate it with sour cream or zest of lemon, orange and even lime. In any case, your cake will be just amazing.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If you did not find a baking powder for the test, then you can replace it with 1/2 teaspoon of soda, extinguishing it with boiling water or vinegar.

- At will, you can add a little vanillin to the dough, literally on the tip of the knife.

- If you did not find butter, just replace it with margarine in the same proportions.