Omelet with sausage

Ingredients for making omelet with sausage

  1. 4 eggs
  2. Half-smoked sausage 100 grams
  3. Milk 100 milliliters
  4. Wheat flour 1 tablespoon
  5. Baking soda 1 pinch
  6. Salt 1 pinch
  7. Refined vegetable oil for frying
  • Main ingredients: Sausage and sausages, Eggs
  • Serving 2 servings


Cutting board, kitchen knife, cooker, wooden spatula - 2 pieces, frying pan, hand whisk, medium bowl, strainer, plate, flat serving dish

Cooking omelet with sausage:

Step 1: prepare half-smoked sausage.

We lay the sausage on a cutting board and, using the knife, clear the protective film. Then cut the component into thin strips and immediately transfer it to a clean plate.

Step 2: prepare the eggs.

Using a knife, break the eggshell, and pour the yolks with squirrels into a medium bowl. Pour a pinch of salt here and, using a hand whisk, beat everything until a homogeneous yellow mass is formed.

Step 3: prepare the omelet with sausage.

Pour milk into a bowl with beaten eggs and at the same time continue to mix everything with improvised inventory. Next, using a strainer, sift the flour and baking soda into the container. Attention: do not stop whipping the mass so that lumps do not form.

Now pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the pan (literally 3-4 drops, since during frying sausage itself gives a lot of fat) and put on medium heat. When the contents in the container warms up well, we begin to prepare the omelet. First, put the sausage straw here and, occasionally stirring with a wooden spatula, fry from all sides to a soft golden color.

Immediately after this, pour the egg and milk mixture into the pan. Without stirring, fry the omelet for 3 minutes.
Then, using two wooden shovels, gently turn the dish over to the other side. Reduce the heat slightly and continue to fry the omelette 3 minutes until it is covered with a golden crust from below. Attention: this can be checked by lifting it with slightly improvised equipment. At the end, turn off the burner and can call everyone to the table.

Step 4: serve the omelet with sausage.

Turn the finished, still hot omelet into a crescent and shift it with a wooden spatula from the pan to a flat plate.

Serve the dish to the dining table with pieces of bread and fresh vegetables. If desired, the omelet can be sprinkled with a small amount of finely chopped greens or garnished with slices of tomatoes. Very tasty and satisfying!
Bon appetit to all!

Recipe Tips:

- if you use homemade eggs to make an omelet, then it will become a beautiful bright yellow color;

- instead of half-smoked sausage, you can put boiled, uncooked smoked, as well as ordinary sausages in the dish;

- we add very little salt, since sausages often go already salty, so we follow this process so as not to spoil the dish;

- in the omelet, in addition to other ingredients indicated in the recipe, you can add chopped bell pepper, slices of tomato, as well as finely chopped onions. Then the dish acquires a new taste and aroma. Experiment!