Salad "Winter King" of cucumbers

Ingredients for the preparation of salad "Winter King" of cucumbers

  1. Fresh cucumber 5 kilograms
  2. Onion 1 kg
  3. Fresh dill (greens) 300 grams optional
  4. Table vinegar 9% 100 milliliters
  5. Sugar 5 tablespoons
  6. Salt 2 tablespoons
  7. Black peppercorns to taste
  8. Mustard seeds to taste and desire
  • Main ingredients: Onion, Cucumber, Sugar, Greens
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Kitchen scale, cutting board, kitchen knife, paper kitchen towels, deep bowl (7 liter capacity), measuring cup, stove, deep pan (5 liter capacity), wooden kitchen spatula, half-liter or one-liter glass jar - as needed, metal screw or the usual cover with an elastic band - as needed, a kitchen towel or a key for preservation, a wide-necked watering can, a ladle, a woolen blanket.

Preparation of salad "Winter King" of cucumbers:

Step 1: wash and soak the cucumbers.

This salad perfectly diversifies casual or festive table. So, first we take the right amount of fresh cucumbers and thoroughly rinse them from sand, as well as any other contaminants. Then we shift them into a deep bowl, fill with ordinary running water and leave it on it 1 hourso that the air in the pores comes out of this vegetable.

Step 2: prepare the soaked cucumbers, onions and dill.

Then, using a sharp kitchen knife, peel the onion and rinse it under trickles of cold water along with soaked cucumbers and greens. We dry everything with paper kitchen towels, take turns laying on a cutting board and grind.

Cucumbers are cut into rings or half rings with a thickness of 4-5 millimeters.

We chop the beam in the same way as the previous ingredient, or with straws.

Dill is just finely chopped.

Step 3: insist vegetables with herbs.

Then we shift the vegetables into a deep bowl. Season them with salt, granulated sugar, a wooden kitchen spatula, mix until smooth and leave them at room temperature for 30-40 minutesso that the vegetables let the juice go.

Step 4: prepare the dishes for preservation.

We don’t lose a minute, carefully inspect the cans, as well as metal screw caps or ordinary rubber bands, for rust, dents and any other damage. Then we wash them together with small equipment, which will be used during conservation, under the trickles of warm running water. For this purpose, you can use a soft kitchen sponge and baking soda or a detergent with a minimum content of chemicals.

Then boil the lids in a small saucepan and leave it to use, and sterilize the jars in any convenient way, for example, on a stove, in a microwave or oven, and put on the countertop.

Step 5: prepare the salad "Winter King" from cucumbers.

After the right time, when the vegetables let the juice, we transfer them to a deep enameled or non-stick pan made of stainless steel. Add vinegar, chopped dill, sugar, black pepper, peas, mustard seeds, loosen everything until smooth and put on medium heat. After boiling, cook the salad until the cucumbers change their bright green color to a more delicate shade, it will take maximum 5 minutes. Here the main thing is not to overexpose them on the stoveotherwise vegetables will be too soft and may turn into porridge.

Step 6: preserve the Winter King cucumber salad.

As soon as the cucumbers brighten, immediately remove the aromatic mixture from the stove and quickly lay it on sterilized jars using a wide-necked watering can and a ladle, filling the glass containers to the top, so that the marinade completely covers the vegetables.

We cover the workpiece with warm lids and tightly cork, if they are screwed - with a kitchen towel, if with an elastic band - with a special key designed for this purpose. After that, we check the preservation for leaks. Is the air out? If so, then close it more tightly. Are there no bubbles? Well, put the blank on the floor with the lid down and wrap it in a woolen blanket, trying to make it so that there are no gaps. Leave the salad alone to cool without sudden changes in temperature for 2-3 daysand then move to a more comfortable, cool, well-ventilated place, for example, a pantry, a cellar or a cellar.

Step 7: serve the Winter King salad of cucumbers.

Winter King Salad from cucumbers is served at room temperature either chilled as a snack or as an addition to the first and second main dishes. Serve it in salad bowls or portions on plates.

If desired, before this, the aromatic vegetable mixture is seasoned with garlic, vegetable oil and fresh finely chopped dill, parsley or cilantro squeezed through a press. Enjoy and be healthy!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If desired, parsley can be added to dill or not put greens at all;

- some hostesses supplement the set of ingredients with carrots chopped on a coarse grater or thinly sliced ​​sweet lettuce pepper, but in this case the jars of salad should be covered and sterilized in water heated to 85-90 degrees Celsius: 12 to 15 minutes, liter from 15 up to 25 minutes, and only after that close;

- the form of cutting vegetables is not important, the main thing is that the size of the pieces does not exceed 4-5 millimeters;

- for preservation it is better to choose cucumbers of hard varieties with a thin skin.