Wild garlic pickled

Ingredients for the preparation of wild garlic pickled

  1. Wild garlic (stems with leaves) fresh 1 kilogram
  2. Water is clean cool 1 liter
  3. Vinegar 5% 150 milliliters
  4. Salt 1 tablespoon
  5. Sugar 1-2 tablespoons
  6. Medium size bay leaves 3 pieces
  7. Black pepper peas 3-4 pieces
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine


A large bowl, a tablespoon, a large pan with a lid, a stove, half-liter glass jars - 2-3 pieces, metal lids for cans - 2-3 pieces, kitchen tongs, kitchen potholders, a kitchen cloth towel, dishwashing detergent, kitchen sponge , can opener, deep serving bowl, can opener, warm blanket, small pan, cutting board, kitchen knife, colander, ladle, refrigerator

Cooking wild garlic pickled:

Step 1: sterilize the jars with lids.

Before sterilizing jars with lids, they must be washed well under running streams of warm tap water. But first, we’ll use a kitchen sponge with detergent for dishes and rub the container on all sides. Now you can put in the sink and turn on the tap. We rinse the cans until the glass begins to creak, if you hold it with your fingers. We also thoroughly clean the lids and move everything to a cloth towel spread out on the kitchen table.

Fill a large pot half with ordinary cold water and put on medium heat. To make the liquid boil faster, cover the container with a lid. Immediately after that, we fasten the burner to a minimum and begin to sterilize the jars with lids. If the capacity allows, then you can put all the containers here. If not, then we follow the sequence. Now spot 10 minutes and wait when everything is well sterilized. After the allotted time with the help of kitchen potholders and tongs, we take out the jars with lids from hot water and carefully place them upside down on a towel.

Step 2: prepare the wild garlic.

Wild garlic is wild garlic, which is also called bear onions. Today it grows in early spring in various woodlands. This type of plant is very common in Belgium, Hungary, Norway, France, the Caucasus, as well as in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Wild garlic can be added to all kinds of dishes, both fresh and boiled, steamed and baked. It is very useful because it contains many vitamins and minerals that are so needed to maintain immunity. Having tried pickled wild garlic once, you will become a fan of it and every time you will look forward to the new season of its appearance in grocery markets and supermarkets.

So, put the component in a large bowl and rinse thoroughly under running warm water to wash away the remnants of the earth, sand and other dirt. Then we move the wild leek in a large colander and leave it for some time aside so that excess liquid is left from it.
Next, put the garlic on a cutting board and, using a knife, cut the stems from the leaves. Attention: in fact, this is not necessary. The crushed component is moved back to a clean large bowl and temporarily set aside.

Step 3: prepare the pickled wild garlic.

The stalks and leaves of wild garlic are beautifully tamped in half-liter jars and temporarily covered with lids.
Pour clean water into a small pot and put on a large fire. When the liquid boils, turn off the burner and immediately pour it with a scoop into glass containers. Important: water should fill the cans almost to the rim. Again, cover the container with lids and let stand in silence and at rest for 5 minutes.

After the allotted time, carefully pour the water back into the pan and put it on medium heat again. Add salt, sugar, peppercorns and bay leaves here. After the marinade boils, slightly tighten the burner, mix everything thoroughly with a tablespoon and let it boil more 2-3 minutes. At the end, pour the vinegar into the pan and immediately remove from the heat.

Without delay, pour the marinade again into jars, cover with lids and tightly tighten with a can wrench.
Now we put preservation upside down in some secluded place, wrap ourselves in a warm blanket and let us reach room temperature ourselves. At the end, we hide the pickled wild garlic in the pantry, where there is no sunlight, or even in the refrigerator.

Step 4: serve pickled wild garlic.

After seaming, wild garlic can be served in a couple of days to the dining table. But I still recommend doing it closer to winter, when the body just does not have enough vitamins and minerals. Therefore, we take it out of a cool place, open the jar with a can opener and put it in a deep bowl.

Such garlic can be eaten along with all kinds of dishes as a snack or crumble it into salads instead of the usual one. Very tasty, healthy and fragrant!
Enjoy your meal and be healthy!

Recipe Tips:

- Be sure to thoroughly wash the wild garlic under running water, especially the leaves, as they often have a lot of sand;

- such garlic can be added to pastries, sauces, meat, salads from fresh vegetables, and also eat instead of the usual;

- Attention: in a large number of wild garlic can cause heartburn. Therefore, if you have a sensitive stomach, it is better to eat literally 2-3 stems for the first time.