Hot sandwiches in the oven

Ingredients for Making Hot Oven Sandwiches

  1. White bread 2 slices
  2. Tomato 1 piece (small)
  3. Sausages 2 pieces
  4. Hard cheese 50 grams
  5. Butter 2 slices
  • Main ingredients: Sausage and sausages, Tomato, Cheese, Butter
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Heat-resistant baking sheet, kitchen knife, cutting board, tablespoon, grater.

Making hot sandwiches in the oven:

Step 1: prepare the tomato.

Rinse the tomato under running water and shake off excess moisture. Using a sharp knife, cut the tomato into thin slices - circles. It is best to first slightly pierce the peel with the sharp tip of a knife, and then cut, because the peel is much stronger than the pulp, and precisely because it is more difficult to cut, the tomatoes are wrinkled.

Step 2: cut the sausages.

Peel the sausages and cut first into two parts, and then the resulting halves into two more, to get long and thin quarters.

Step 3: Three Cheese

Grind a small piece of cheese, approximately 50 grams, using a grater. It will be faster if you slightly moisten the grater with cold water before cooking.

Step 4: prepare the sandwiches in the oven.

Put slices of bread in front of you and grease them with a small amount of butter. Place quarters of sausages on the butter, and on them, in turn, lay the slices of tomato. Sprinkle it all with grated cheese and send in preheated until 220 degrees oven on 3-5 minutes or until a delicious golden crust forms on bread and cheese.

Step 5: serve hot sandwiches.

Hot sandwiches can be eaten as soon as you take them out of the oven. Eat them hot with strong morning coffee or tea, or any other drink you prefer for breakfast.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of butter, you can safely use mayonnaise or cheese sauce.

- Experiment! Replace sausages with sausage or ham, or maybe even smoked chicken.

- If you have very little time, then do not rub the cheese, but simply cut it into very thin slices.