Compote of ranetki and aronia

Ingredients for making compote from ranetki and chokeberry

  1. Apple ranetka 1-1.5 kilograms
  2. Chokeberry (chokeberry) 500-700 grams
  3. Sugar 6 cups
  4. Pure cold cold water 4-4.5 liters
  • Main ingredients: Apple, Rowan
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine


Three-liter glass bottle - 2 pieces, metal covers for cans - 2 pieces, a cloth towel, a large bowl, a middle bowl, a colander, a stove, kitchen oven mitts, kitchen tongs, a large deep saucepan - 2 pieces, a cover for the pan, dishwashing detergent , kitchen sponge, measuring cup, can opener, can opener, jug, serving glasses, warm blanket, scoop, wooden spatula, kitchen funnel

Cooking compote from ranetki and aronia:

Step 1: prepare the ranet apples.

Ranetki are small juicy apples that will look very cute in our compote. In addition, they will give an unforgettable aroma to the drink and delight the children with their taste. So, for starters, wash them well under running warm water and put them in a large bowl. In parallel with this, we carefully sort out the fruits so that they do not come across spoiled or broken.

Step 2: prepare chokeberry.

Chokeberry is a very useful berry (it contains vitamins such as C, P, B, E, K, as well as iron, fluorine, copper, manganese and much more), which often protects us from colds. In a compote, it will give an exquisite aftertaste and aroma. By the way, it blends perfectly with apples, so feel free to add it to the compote. But first, pour the mountain ash into a colander and thoroughly rinse it under running warm water. Attention: if necessary, we clear it of leaves, the stalk, and also discard the spoiled berries. When excess liquid drains from it, pour the component into the medium bowl and leave it aside for a while

Step 3: sterilize the jars with lids.

Using a kitchen sponge and detergent, thoroughly rinse the jars with lids under running warm water. Then we put them upside down on a cloth towel and move on to the next cleaning process.
In a large pot, pour the usual cool liquid from the tap and put on a large fire. To make the water boil faster, cover the container with a lid. Immediately after that we turn off the fire and put the jars with lids in turn into the pan. Notice 10 minutes and sterilize the container. After the allotted time, turn off the burner, and take out the jars with lids with the help of kitchen tongs and, holding the kitchen tacks, put them back on the kitchen table covered with a cloth towel.

Step 4: prepare a compote from the ranetki and chokeberry.

In sterilized jars, carefully pour the ranetki and 2 handfuls chokeberries so that the components fill the tanks somewhere in half.
In parallel with this, pour clean water into a clean large pot and put it on the burner turned on to the maximum. Attention: so that the liquid boils faster, cover the container with a lid. Immediately after that, turn off the burner and continue to cook the compote.
Using a scoop, pour boiling water into cans. The liquid should fill the tanks almost to the rim. Leave everything to brew for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the water will turn into a beautiful soft scarlet color.
Next, with the help of kitchen tacks, hold the jars, not completely covering them with lids, and pour the hot water back into the pan. We put the container again on a big fire and pour all the sugar into it. Important: 3 cups go 3 cups last ingredient. When the liquid boils, mix it thoroughly with a wooden spatula so that no sugar crystals remain at the bottom, and turn off the burner.
Using the scoop, pour the gently scarlet syrup through the funnel into the cans, close with metal lids and tightly roll up with a can opener. Immediately put the compote upside down in some secluded place, wrap it in a warm blanket and let it cool to room temperature. After the necessary time has elapsed, it will be possible to see if the juice is leaking somewhere through the lids. If all is well, then we put the cans with preservation in the pantry or cellar, where there is no direct sunlight, and wait for the right moment to taste this divine drink.

Step 5: serve the compote from the ranetki and chokeberry.

When the time comes, for example, in winter, we take out the cans from the pantry and, using a can opener, open the lids. Pour the compote from the ranetki and aronia into a jug and serve to the dessert table with glasses. The drink itself is very tasty and fragrant! But I advise children to treat them with cookies or pie. Then it will be doubly unforgettably delicious!
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- in order for the compote to turn out fragrant and unforgettably tasty, try to use only ripe juicy apples;

- the drink can be made concentrated sweet, that is, for 1 three-liter bottle you will need 4 cups of sugar. Then, after cooking, you will need to dilute the compote with ordinary boiled water and stretch the pleasure;

- you can sterilize jars with lids by any means convenient for you. For example, above the steam, fixing the container more conveniently on the rim of the kettle or a small-diameter pan, in the oven, in the microwave. Also, so that the cans do not beat against each other, you can cover the bottom of the container with a cloth towel.