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Silicone Cupcakes

Silicone Cupcake Ingredients

  1. Wheat flour 2 cups
  2. Sugar 150 grams
  3. Refined vegetable oil 120 milliliters
  4. 2 eggs
  5. Kefir 1 cup
  6. 0.5 teaspoon baking powder
  7. Baking soda 0.5 teaspoon
  8. Jam or jam 12 teaspoons
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 6 servings


Silicone cupcake mold, teaspoon, tablespoon, sieve, large bowl, medium bowl, oven, kitchen tacks, mixer, deep mixer bowl, serving dish, kitchen knife, toothpick

Making cupcakes in silicone form:

Step 1: prepare the flour.

To make the dough tender and airy, first you need to properly prepare the flour. To do this, pour it into a sieve and sift it over a large bowl. Thanks to this process, the component is saturated with oxygen and gets rid of lumps.

Step 2: prepare the eggs with sugar.

Using a knife, break the eggshell, and pour the yolks with squirrels into a deep bowl. Pour sugar here and, using a mixer, beat the ingredients at high speed until a homogeneous, dense mass is formed. Attention: stir until sugar dissolves.

Step 3: prepare the dough for the muffins.

Pour the egg-sugar mass into a medium bowl and add kefir and vegetable oil here. Using a mixer, beat the components at medium speed until smooth.

Now in small portions we begin to pour the sifted flour. At the same time, beat everything together with improvised inventory so that lumps do not form. Somewhere in the middle of kneading the dough, pour the baking powder and soda into the container and continue to whisk everything intensively until smooth.

We should get a thick, viscous mass, but liquid enough to work with it. That is, the dough is obtained almost like a pancake.

Step 4: prepare cupcakes in silicone form.

Using a tablespoon, pour the dough into each silicone mold so that it fills the container exactly half. Then add a teaspoon of jam or jam. And so that we get the filling inside the baking dish, cover it with a little more dough.

Now turn on the oven and heat it to a temperature 180-200 ° C. Immediately after that we put the molds on the middle level and bake the cupcakes for 20 minutes. As soon as the dough on top becomes rosy, we take out the containers from the oven and check the baking for the degree of readiness. To do this, pierce it with a toothpick somewhere in the middle and see if the wooden stick remained dry and without lumps of raw dough still, then the dessert is ready and you can turn off the oven. If not, then it’s worth extending the time yet for 5-8 minutes.

In the end, turn everything off, and take out the cupcakes and leave aside to cool slightly.

Step 5: serve the cupcakes in silicone form.

We take out the warm cupcakes from the silicone mold (and this, by the way, is a very easy process, since the dough does not stick to the bottom and walls of the container) and put it on a special large plate.

We serve pastries to the dessert table along with tea, coffee, juices and other drinks.
Bon appetit to all!

Recipe Tips:

- for the preparation of muffins, it is best to use premium wheat flour, fine grinding and only a trusted brand. Otherwise, baking may not rise;

- the silicone form is a godsend for hostesses, because in it the dough always turns out beautiful and does not stick. In our case, both small special containers and one large container are suitable for making muffins. In the last version, we get one big cake, which will also be very tasty;

- for jam, jam and jam are suitable, as well as much more. For example, inside muffins you can put nuts with boiled condensed milk, custard (but it is better to add it with a pastry syringe after baking the dough), fresh or frozen berries, and much more to your taste.