Healthy Breakfasts for Back-to-School

12 creative breakfast recipes for kids

Making granola at home allows you to cut down on sugar, and it's a great way to involve kids in the kitchen.

Backpacks and school supplies are suddenly everywhere you look. Your kids can't stop asking those what-if questions — "What if I don’t like the new teacher?" or "What if she doesn't like me?" and of course, "What if none of my friends are in my class?" No doubt about it — it is time to go back to school.

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I always have mixed feelings about the start of the school year. I look forward to the return of order in the house but I miss the fun, the projects, and the time spent with the kids free of fretting over exams, homework, or getting them to bed on time.

One thing I never have mixed feelings about, though, is the need for creative and new ideas for breakfast to pack in my daughter's lunchbox and to have ready during the morning rush to get to school on time. I know I am not alone in that quest, so I thought I would line up a few back-to-school recipes for all you moms and dads out there. For those of you who don’t have kids that go to school, don’t look away just yet — there are plenty of wonderful recipes and ideas that you might enjoy, school or no school.

Originally published 10/10/2014

17 Back to School Breakfast Recipes That Make Going to Class Less Painful

I haven't started school yet, but I'm mentally preparing myself to get back in the grind. During my freshman year of college, I often skipped breakfast because I didn't feel hungry in the morning or didn't want to eat cereal for the fifth time in 24 hours. But now, going into my Sophomore year at UW-Madison, I've made it a goal to have a balanced, healthy breakfast every morning. I've compiled a list of 17 back to school breakfast recipes to make this semester easier so I never skip my morning meal again.

25 Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Ideas

Rise and shine! These recipes are an easy way to start the day.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day&mdashand for good reason! Starting off your day with a healthy, satisfying meal will get you through the endless errands, school pick-ups, work meetings, or whatever you have going on in your hectic day. If you're sick of your same-old morning routine, read on: We collected plenty of easy, healthy breakfast ideas for any day of the week. You'll find grab-and-go breakfasts you can eat on the fly, plus simple stay-at-home brunch recipes for the weekend.

If there&rsquos anyone who knows the importance of a quick, healthy breakfast, it&rsquos Ree Drummond. Life on the ranch is crazy busy, so it&rsquos especially important for Ree to start the day off right. &ldquoI&rsquom a big fan of egg bites, whether I make them in a mini-muffin pan or an Instant Pot (my new cookbook has a recipe)," Ree says. "I whip up a big batch, then let them cool and stick them in the freezer so I can reheat them later.&rdquo Along with Ree's protein-packed egg bites, you&rsquoll find all sorts of fun healthy breakfast ideas, like refreshing smoothies, satisfying oats, carb-free bowls and make-ahead muffins. These recipes don't necessarily follow a specific diet&mdashbut they're packed with all the good stuff: nutritious veggies, energy-boosting protein, and filling fiber.

Of course, no Pioneer Woman breakfast would be complete with a cup of coffee. Check out how Ree prepares her cold brew in advance, then check out these tricks for hosting brunch.

17 Back-to-School Breakfast Recipes That Make Going to Class Less Painful

I haven't started school yet, but I'm mentally preparing myself to get back in the grind. During my freshman year of college, I often skipped breakfast because I didn't feel hungry in the morning or didn't want to eat cereal for the fifth time in 24 hours. But now, going into my Sophomore year at UW-Madison, I've made it a goal to have a balanced, healthy breakfast every morning. I've compiled a list of 17 back to school breakfast recipes to make this semester easier so I never skip my morning meal again.

35 Quick and Easy Back to School Breakfast Ideas

Mini Freezer Cinnamon Rolls – It is so simple to prepare a large batch to freeze. On busy mornings I can warm these up in less than two minutes.

Breakfast Egg Muffins– These are so easy and quick to make using Crescent Rolls!

Mason Jar Breakfast Parfaits – This is a tasty make ahead breakfast that takes little thought and will keep you eating healthy all week long.

Make Ahead Breakfast Bowls – Make-Ahead Breakfast Bowls are full of filling, hearty ingredients to power you through your morning. This vegetarian and gluten-free recipe is also freezer-friendly!

Blueberry Pancake Bites – These make ahead blueberry pancake bites are the best quick breakfast idea for the kids!

Almond Butter and Banana Open Sandwich – This will be a big hit with your kids, plus it’ll help you fill your tummy!

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches – Easy, make-ahead freezer-friendly sandwiches, perfect for breakfast-on-the-go! Ready in just 2 minutes!

Yogurt Strawberry Banana Smoothie– Make this quick and healthy smoothie when you are on a time crunch. The kids can even drink them in the car!

Baked French Toast Sticks – Kids love french toast! I love it, too. I would make these ahead of time then reheat in a toaster oven for a quick morning breakfast.

Breakfast Cereal Bars– Save all of the left over cereal that’s been hanging out at the bottom of the cereal box and make these easy breakfast cereal bars!

Breakfast Banana Pops – These easy-to-make breakfast banana pops are like summer on a popsicle stick!

Frozen Breakfast Burritos – Frozen Breakfast Burritos take just 30 minutes to make! Assemble on the weekend then reheat and enjoy all week long.

Blueberry Muffin Recipe– Make these easy blueberry muffins for brunch or for a quick snack for the kids.

Easy Breakfast Rollups – Easy Breakfast Roll-Ups are a versatile breakfast idea that’s perfect for taking on-the-go.

Easy Scrambled Egg Muffins– Save time in the morning by popping these yummy scrambled egg muffins into the microwave for a quick protein-filled breakfast.

Blueberry Muffin in a Mug – Perfect for a quick breakfast or when you just need something sweet.

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies – The oatmeal cookies were really easy to put in a plastic container and take in the car with us for a quick breakfast on-the-go.

Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins– Make these healthy and delicious oatmeal applesauce muffins with items you likely already have on hand.

Honey Yogurt Breakfast Parfait – This is the perfect amount of sugar and deliciousness!

Breakfast Trifle – A tasty combination of yogurt, waffles, and fresh berries that will make you look forward to the morning!

Rollup Blender Pancakes – These are such a creative take on regular pancakes!

Homemade Breakfast Hot Pockets – These homemade breakfast hot pockets are perfect for a healthy breakfast on-the-go and way better for you than the store bought variety.

Apple Butter French Toast Rollups – Warm French toast roll ups stuffed with apple butter then tossed in cinnamon sugar make breakfast much more exciting, especially when you dunk them into apple butter cream cheese dipping sauce.

Egg Bacon Breakfast Casserole– Make this egg bacon breakfsat casserole and have a hearty breakfast ready for the whole week!

Crockpot Overnight Breakfast Casserole – Crockpot Overnight Breakfast Casserole is a classic breakfast casserole with eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, and cheese. Great for a crowd over the holidays.

Gluten Free Banana Bread – The best part about this recipe is that it literally takes 5 minute to make and bake!

Breakfast Balls – These are perfect for busy mornings when you need to grab breakfast on your way out the door.

Egg and Cheese Tortillas – What if I told you that you could make a basic breakfast burrito in only 2 minutes?

Blueberry French Toast Casserole – There’s no word more perfect to describe this overnight blueberry french toast casserole than “unbelievable.” Perfect make-ahead recipe for busy mornings!

French Toast Casserole– Make this overnight french toast casserole to enjoy on a holiday morning…or any morning!

Honey Nut Cheerios Snack Bar – These fast, easy, bars cost just a fraction of store bought bars to make, they’re healthier, and they’ve got fun, bright colors.

Biscuits and Gravy Casserole – The awesome thing about this recipe is how easy it really is!

Lighter Homemade Poptarts – There are so many different flavors to try!

Egg and Cheese Hash Brown Waffles– Make this yummy breakfast all in your waffle maker!

Baked Lemon Blueberry Donuts– These donuts are an easy way to give your kids a special treat for breakfast before school. Make them ahead of time and simply store them in the fridge to grab and go.

Make sure you check out a few of these back to school breakfast ideas and come back and let us know which is your kids’ favorites!

40+ Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Back to School

School is back in session for most of your kiddos, and that means your life is probably back to being extra busy! I remember getting so excited for the first day of school when I was young, and then dreading it as I got older. One thing I always made sure to do every single morning was to eat breakfast before school. I had always heard it was important (Jessica explains why in The Benefits of Breakfast), but I didn’t really care about that – I was just always hungry in the morning!

Unfortunately, I was always up super early by myself, so breakfast was usually a bowl of cereal (at least it was whole grain!). If you’re like I was and struggle to find breakfast options, here are some healthy breakfasts to get out the door on those super busy mornings, or if you prefer having an actual recipe to follow, try some of the delicious quick and healthy breakfast recipes below!

Easy Breakfasts to Eat At Home

For mornings when you have a little more time to sit down and eat, here are some great options that are easy to whip up quickly:

Quick Berry Oatmeal @ Jessica Levinson, MS, RDN, CDN

Make-Ahead Breakfasts

These recipes can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator or freezer for quick reheating and eating. Be sure to pair your pancakes and waffles with yogurt or a hard-boiled egg for some protein!

Grab-and-Go Breakfasts

I know that some days in life are crazy and hectic. You woke up late and your kid fell asleep in the shower and the dog puked on the floor and there is just no way you have time to sit the kids down for breakfast. For busy mornings like these, it’s nice to have a nutritious grab-and-go option. Pair any of the below with some fresh fruit for a fully balanced meal on the run. The egg options won’t need extra protein, but if you make muffins or breakfast cookies, it’s always a good idea to grab some yogurt or string cheese, too.

Breakfast bars and cookies:

Muffins and egg muffins:

Easy Veggie Egg Muffins @ Jessica Levinson, MS, RDN, CDN

Hopefully these quick and healthy breakfast recipes (that are also delicious!) will save your kids from breakfast cereal burnout and give them a fun start to the day! To keep them well-nourished as the day goes on, be sure to check out these Healthy School Lunch Ideas too!

Best Easy Breakfasts for Back to School

Kids and adults who eat breakfast every morning experience less stress and have a higher quality of health life, compared to breakfast skippers, according to research. So what your mom always told you𠅋reakfast is the most important meal of the day—stands the test of time.

But with all the good intentions you may have, putting forth a wholesome, warm, filling breakfast every morning may seem akin to climbing a mountain, and possibly without your shoes. Indeed, amid the hurry and hustle of pre-school and pre-work routines, a quality breakfast can easily fall by the wayside, but it doesn&apost have to.

High-quality, filling, and healthful breakfasts can be ready in minutes—seconds, even—so that you and your kids can down a smoothie or pop an English muffin while you hunt shoes and slip on coats. What&aposs more, these breakfast foods are so good your kids will be happy to eat them𠅊nd you&aposll be glad to see them to begin their day with a hearty start.

Carnation Breakfast Essentials are a healthy way to lift nutrition with super-quick back-to-school breakfasts.

Hard-boiled eggs

No, they&aposre not scrambled or fried, but hard-boiled eggs are just as filling and healthful as their flatter brethren. Even better? You can make perfect hard-boiled eggs at the start of each week, and grab an egg or two every morning for breakfast.

If your kid likes a little more flavor or warmth, plop each egg into a hot cup of water for a few minutes. (Don&apost microwave them—they&aposll explode.) Then halve each egg, sprinkle with cheese, and microwave a few seconds to melt the topping.

Other delicious topping options: ketchup, sriracha, smoked salt, hot sauce, soy sauce.

Like hard-boiled eggs, you can do a bit of prep work to make morning smoothies even easier. To do that, you just need to pick your smoothie recipes for the week and make smoothie freezer packs: in a zip-top bag, freeze any fruit ahead of time. Then, when time comes to blend up breakfast, plop the frozen ingredients into a blender, pour over milk or juice, and whir to creamy, silky consistency.

You can also make smoothie jars the night before with all the ingredients. Put all ingredients in a glass jar, seal, and store in the fridge. Then dump everything into the blender. The frozen fruit gives the smoothie a thicker, creamier texture, but the fridge kit works well, too.

Pancakes or Waffles

There&aposs no way you have time to eat pancakes or waffles with syrup and all accoutrement, right? Wrong. Here again you can make breakfast ahead of time and do a bit of morning work to get them ready for your crew to consume.

Whip up a batch of pancakes or waffles on the weekend—or make extra of our Wonderful Waffles𠅍uring Sunday brunch. Then each fully-cooked piece into a freezer-safe container with mini sheets of freezer paper between them so they don&apost stick together.

When you&aposre ready to eat, take out what your family needs and warm on half power for several minutes. You can then sit down and eat, forks, plates, and all. Or you can grab them, smear a bit of peanut butter or jam on them, and jet out the door.

12 Make Ahead Breakfasts for Back to School Mornings

It’s that time of year again. The kids are going back to school. Mine start in a couple of weeks. So now is the time to get organized so you are not rushing on those busy mornings. Here is a list of make ahead breakfasts you can freeze and easily pull out in a hurry. I thought I would also share some of my favorite school lunch supplies.

Lunchbots Lunchboxes – We have had these going on 3 years and they are great.

Kids Drinking Thermos – Another product we have had 3 years so far. They are very easy to pop open. Perfect for little hands.

Lunchskins Re-Usable Snack Bags -These are easy to clean and quick drying.

Hot Food Jars – Perfect for bringing hot foods like pasta and oatmeal.

Kids Konserve Ice Packs – Made of non toxic materials and BPA free.

Olive Kids Lunchbox – Durable, BPA free and easy to clean. Comes in many styles.

This recipe will make a weeks worth of healthy breakfasts you can freeze and reheat for busy mornings. You can swap out the fruits for what you have on hand as well.

This recipe can also be made with peanut butter or sunflower butter. The choice is yours. Make, freeze and re-heat.

Use this recipe as a base and add in your own flavors. Fruits, nuts, seeds…the possibilities are endless! Make a weeks worth of these and then grab them when you need them.

Fill them with your favorite jams. I personally love them with blueberry chia jam. Then just freeze them and pull them out when needed.

These are perfect to throw in your child’s lunch box. My kids love them. Add in your favorite jam and you are ready to go. They freeze very well.

These freeze very well and all the kids love them. They can also be done gluten free.

Make a big batch of these and then freeze them in ice cube trays. Then on those busy mornings, just pop out and blend what you need.

Grab these healthy breakfast recipes on the go

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- What's for breakfast? If you've answered frozen waffle or Pop Tart, here's a more creative and healthier approach.

Stop spending your money on prepackaged breakfasts with little nutritional value, and don't waste money going in the drive thru.

Stephanie Merchant, known as The Nutrition Mom, has several recipes for freeze ahead grab and go breakfast sandwiches to get you out the door in a hurry.

Traditional Breakfast Sandwich

6 Sprouted grain English muffins
Package of Nitrate free bacon or turkey bacon
6 slices of Organic Raw cheese
6 Cage free eggs
Veggies of choice (spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions) *I used cup each of three veggies

1. Warm Oven to 350
2. Wrap a cookie sheet in foil and add bacon to bake. Bake for approximately 15-20 minutes until desired crispness.
3. Chop veggies
4. Scramble eggs and add veggies
5. Grease large muffin pan (if needed) with coconut oil or butter
6. Add egg mixture to muffin pan not filling over
7. Cook eggs at 350 for approximately 20 minutes or until set
8. Drain grease from bacon, allow eggs to cool
9. Open English muffins, place cheese and bacon on one side and egg on the other. Put together and place back into oven to toast (or use toaster oven to toast/warm up on mornings)
10. Wrap individually in foil and place in large freezer zip lock in freezer
*For best results - remove breakfast sandwiches from the freezer the night before and allow to defrost in fridge. If microwaving in the morning, remove foil. Microwaving may make sandwiches soggy. Use the toaster oven for best results.

Waffle Sandwich
(Double the recipe to make in bulk)

1 cup Pancake & Waffle Mix from Bob's Red Mill
2 cage free eggs
2 Tbsp unsweetened apple sauce
1/4 cup unsweetened cold almond milk
Your favorite nut/seed butter (peanut, almond, sunflower seed)
Local Honey

1. Blend waffle mix, eggs, apple sauce and almond milk until well combined.
2. Add mixture to your waffle maker.
3. Remove waffles and let cool.
4. Create your waffle sandwich by adding desired amount of nut/seed butter and honey.
5. Wrap sandwiches individually in foil and place in large freezer zip lock in freezer.
*For best results - remove sandwiches from the freezer the night before and allow to defrost in fridge. If microwaving in the morning, remove foil. Microwaving may make sandwiches soggy. Use the toaster oven for best results.

Breakfast (or anytime) Burrito

1 package of sprouted grain (or your favorite) tortillas
15 oz can black beans (or cooked dry beans)
1 cup uncooked quinoa

Fresh pico:
1 pound tomatoes (4 plum or 2 beefsteak), seeded
1/2 white onion
1/4 cup fresh cilantro
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
Sea salt to taste

1. Cook quinoa and let cool (1 cup uncooked quinoa to 2 cups water. Cook just like rice. I use a rice cooker to speed along the process).
2. Rinse canned beans and let dry or cook dry beans and let cool.
3. Tortillas should be room temperature.
4. Prepare pico by adding tomatoes, onion, cilantro and lime juice to your food processor and pulse. Add salt to taste. Drain juices.
*We want to avoid soggy burritos. All ingredients should be drained and cooled.
5. Add beans, quinoa and pico to tortilla and roll burrito tightly.
6. Wrap individually in foil and place in large freezer zip lock in freezer.
*For best results - remove from the freezer the night before and allow to defrost in fridge. If microwaving in the morning, remove foil. Microwaving may make burritos soggy. Use the toaster oven for best results.