Cranberry jam.

Today I was looking at the most read recipes and I came across Grandma's blueberry jam. Then I remembered that I also have blueberries.:d. So I read it and when I saw how easy it is :)), the kitchen direction. Grandma Sarumana! >: d

  • a full plate, topped with blueberries
  • a kg. sugar
  • lemon juice.

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes


Blueberries are cleaned of leaves and any other commercial additives :)))

It is "measured" with a deep plate (for soup). We need a full plate.

Together with a kg of sugar they are boiled over low heat.

It froths a few times.

Boil on low, low heat and after approx. for an hour we take out about two teaspoons of jam on a plate and leave it to cool. Some like it more liquid, others more connected. Depending on this aspect, we leave it to boil or not.

I boil it in a pot of tuci, it doesn't smoke;)

In the last 10 minutes we put the lemon juice.

We put it hot in jars.