Chicken fillets with lots of greens in vine leaves

The vines are scalded and strained through a sieve.

Put the rice on the fire together with a cup of water, until the rice swells.

Wash all vegetables, finely chop (carrots can be grated) and then fry in oil.

When the vegetables start to soften, through the hardening process, add the tomato paste.

Pour the vegetables with tomato paste and rice over the minced meat.

Mix well to homogenize the composition.

Wash the parsley and dill well, finely chop and place over the sarmale composition.

Add thyme, salt and pepper (all to taste).

Take a sheet of paper and make the rolls.

Place in a cauldron and place the peeled tomatoes and water on top to cover the sarmales.

Place chopped dill on top and vine leaves.

Leave in the oven until the vine leaves boil. My composition boiled faster than my vine.

I kept them boiling for about 3 hours and 30 minutes, over medium heat.

I served them yogurt.

Good appetite!

Contents of the book

II. Meat recipes 19
Sheikh al mahshi - the simple version 20
Maklubeh (Maglubeh) with beef 22
Sambusak bi lahmeh (Sambusak cu carne) 24
Fasoliyeh (Green beans with meat) 26
Bameh (Beef with sirloin and tomato sauce) 28
Jej / Lahmeh bi feren (Chicken or minced meat with baked vegetables) 30
Lahmeh bi seniyeh (Meat on a tray) 32
Fotr (Mushrooms with minced meat) 33
Kebab / Shawi / Kafta 34
Yabrak (Vines in vine leaves) 36
Chicken kebab stuffed with cheese 38
Mahshi (Zucchini / eggplant with minced meat and rice) 40
Sheikh Mahshi (Pumpkin stuffed with minced meat and pine seeds 42
in tomato sauce or yogurt)
Batata kubbeh (Potato mash with minced meat) 44
Breaded chicken breast with cornflakes 46
Shish barak 48
Shish barak (Variant with pasta and minced meat) 50
Arnabeet / Zahra bi Lahmeh (Cauliflower dish with minced meat) 51
Shish tawook 52
Mlukhiah 54
Ras asfour (Beef / chicken cubes in pomegranate sauce) 56
Hubz bi lahmeh (minced meat stick) 57
Sabanekh (Spinach with minced meat) 58
Chicken with curry 59
Freekeh wa rouz wa lahmeh / Jej 60
(Freekeh and rice with minced meat or chicken)
Fatteh bi jej (Rice with chicken, stick and yogurt sauce with garlic) 62
Arman patata (Minced potatoes or chicken) 64
Kapse (Chicken with basmati rice and dried lemons) 66
Syrian style pizza 68
Musakhan (Tortilla / pie sheets / stick stuffed with chicken) 70
Kebab Bamjeam (Kebab with eggplant) 72
Sweet Potato Kebab (Potato Kebab) 74
Lahmeh bi ajeen / Lahmajin (Arabic Pizza) 76
Batata wa faruj / lahmeh (Baked potatoes with chicken / beef) 78
Safarjaleih (Quince Food) 80
Dawood Basha (Tomatoes in tomato sauce) 82
Samak bi tahineh (Fish with sesame paste) 84
Sayadieh (Fisherman's Rice) 86
Samak bi al-feren (Baked fish with tahini sauce) 88
Arabic style baked fish 90
Ma ’ccarona bi lahmeh (Baked meat pasta) 92
Ma ’ccarona bi lahmeh wa laban (Meat and yogurt pasta) 94
Beef burger 96
‘Sharhat (Beef Steak) 98
Kabed mtajaneh (Roasted liver with coriander) 100
Kabed bi rice (Liver with rice) 102
Batersh (Eggplant salad with meat topping) 104
Humus bi lahme (Chickpea with meat) 106
Manakeesh lahme (Mini meat pizza) 108
Mu ’arakat (Bulgur Meatballs) 110
‘Sharhat mtafay (Beef steak with garlic and lemon sauce) 111
Somakeih (Eggplant food with sumac) 112
Lahmeh bi ruz (Minced meat with rice and vegetables) 114
Sujuc 115
Labanie 116

III. Meatless recipes (sauces, side dishes, appetizers, etc.) 119
Laban (Homemade yogurt) 120
Labneh (Yogurt Cream) 121
Laban wa toum (Yogurt sauce with garlic) 122
Laban wa taheneh (Yogurt sauce and sesame paste) 122
Ayran (Minted yogurt) 123
Laban wa khiar (Yogurt sauce with cucumbers) 124
Tahini, garlic and lemon sauce 125
Muhammara (Pepper paste with nuts) 126
Ma ’ccarona bi laban (Pasta with yogurt) 128
Ma ’ccarona bi jebneh (Pasta with cheese) 129
Mankeesh za ’atar (Mini pizza with za’atar) 130
Humus 132
Rouz al-arabi (Arabic style rice) 134
Rouz bi shairie (Rice with noodles) 136
Batata ma 'a laban wa toum (Mashed potatoes with yogurt and garlic) 137
Batata ma kuzbara (French fries with coriander) 138
Mtawame (Pumpkin Core Food) 139
Ejeh (Mini omelettes with parsley) 140
Mujadara (Rice lentils) 142
Arnabeet mukli (Cauliflower bread) 144
Mtabal kussa (Fried zucchini with yogurt sauce) 146
Mait fringe (Sticky with tomato paste) 147
Bulgur pilaf (Bârgol) 148
Makmour (Eggplant food) 150
Sambusak bi jibneh (Sambusak with cheese) 152
Ftayer bi sabanekh (Spinach Pies) 154
Falafel (Chickpea Meatballs) 156
Foul wa taheneh (Bob with sesame paste) 158
Hubz bi jebneh (Cheese stick) 160

IV. Supe 161
Makhlouta (Lentil Soup) 162
Ades bi hamoud (Lentil soup with lemon) 164
Chicken soup with noodles 165
Freekeh soup 166
Shorbet al futr (Chicken soup with mushrooms) 167

V. Salate 169
Mutabal betinjean (Eggplant salad with sesame paste) 170
Baba ghanouj (Eggplant salad with pomegranate) 172
Bewaaz (Parsley Salad) 173
Tabouleh (Parsley and bulgur salad) 174
Mutabal shawander 176
Eej / Tabouleh armanazeih (Bulgur salad) 177
Fatoush 178
Tomato salad with mint 180

Ingredient: 20 vine leaves, 100 ml borscht, a ripe tomato (or 100 ml broth) a sprig of fresh thyme, two tablespoons oil, salt filling- 300 g feta, a bunch of green onions, 1/2 carrot, two dill sprigs, 5 strands of parsley, 40 g rice, one egg, two tablespoons oil, salt, black pepper to serve: sour cream

Preparation: put a pot of water and a little salt to boil. When the water boils, take each leaf, immerse it in water for 5 seconds, then take it out and immerse it directly in a bowl of cold water. In the water in which the leaves were scalded, put the rice and let it boil for only 5 minutes, until it swells a little. Fry the sliced ​​green onions and the grated carrot in two tablespoons of oil until well softened. The girl is falling apart. Add chopped dill and parsley, sauteed vegetables, drained rice, salt and pepper. At the end, add the egg and mix well. Drain the leaves and cut the stems. Put a tablespoon of stuffing on each leaf, roll and form warts. Line the bottom of the pot with leaves, place the brine in the pot in layers and place the thyme on top. Sprinkle a little salt. Add the oil. He places a saucer upside down to hold them. Then pour the borscht, broth and fill with water. Bring to the boil and then simmer and simmer for another 30 minutes. Serve with cream.

The recipe for the most delicious dish. How to make the tastiest cabbage rolls in vine leaves

Tasty and easy to prepare, the sauerkraut in vine leaves are an indispensable delicacy on Romanian tables. The recipe for preparing this special dish, but also the ingredients that give flavor can be found in the renowned gastronome Radu Anton Roman.

Here is a note about this dish, the late journalist, in his work "Romanian dishes, wines and customs" (Paideia Publishing House): "Out of the way, the goose buns demand a red wine, not very bound and as such willing to be friends. And I sometimes think of Roşul de Coteşti (a subjective preference, don't take into account), a dry and sticky wine, quite rare, which is true, for a while - because who is there to mix and match Feteasca Neagră , Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - but spectacularly delicate, and, in the good years, even irresistible. It fits perfectly with these sarmelets of great elegance, which would be dominated and even canceled by a wine that is too embossed ".


vine leaves
2 eggs
1 onion
1 bell pepper
4 tomatoes
salt pepper
150 ml of milk
100 g goose fat
300 g of white bread core
5 was dafin
5 sprigs of dried thyme
1 kg of chicken, turkey, goose or veal
300 g smoked pastry - boneless - poultry

1 liter of poultry stew
0.5 liters of white wine
0.5 liter of tomato broth

How to prepare
• Chop the meat and pastrami
• Soak the bread in milk, drain, squeeze
• Beat the eggs
• Brown the finely chopped onion and pepper in goose fat
• Chop the dill
• Mix meat, pastrami, bread, eggs, onions and peppers, salt and pepper to taste, dill well
• Roll the vine leaves filled with the above chop
• Grease the pot well with goose fat
• Place the stuffed cabbage in layers between them place the dried thyme sprigs, bay leaves, peppercorns, tomato slices cover with tomato slices
• Pour the juice enough to cover the "enchanted bullets" with one finger (as a certain deviator once said)
• Put the covered pot for 2 hours in the oven, over low heat, and half an hour uncover, brown and reduce half the juice
• It is offered with cream.

The journalist, passionate about cooking

In his 57 years of life, Radu Anton Roman, journalist, writer, TV director, hunter and sport fisherman, has published poems, travel notes, novels and essays, being involved in several television projects and publications, dedicating himself since 1997 and the gastronomic field.
In 1998, Radu Anton Roman published one of the most important recent works of Romanian gastronomy "Romanian dishes, wines and customs" (Paideia Publishing House).