Easter bunnies

Mix flour and sugar together. Heat the milk and dissolve the yeast in it.

Then pour the milk into the flour bowl and start kneading. Then add the melted and hot butter. I added eggs and egg white, a pinch of salt and grated lemon peel.

We start to knead the dough until a non-sticky dough results. We leaven it until it doubles in volume.

We spread some pieces of dough in a rectangular shape and cut lengthwise. We spread each piece with jam, join the edges and roll in a spiral to form the rabbit body. With other pieces of dough we form the head, a small ball for the tail and two pieces for the ears.

We place them in a tray lined with aluminum foil.

Grease them with beaten egg yolk with caster sugar.

Bake for 20 minutes.

According to legend, the rabbit symbolizes for Christians the fertility, rebirth and joy of nature. The oldest and most famous legend about the Easter Bunny is centered on Eastre, the pagan goddess of fertility and spring.

It is said that there was a bird famous for its voice, and the goddess found her in the field at the end of winter, seriously injured. The goddess managed to save her and turned her into a rabbit with the gift of laying eggs.
As a thank you for saving her from death, the rabbit decorated her eggs and gave them to the goddess.

Another legend says that the bunny became the symbol associated with the Easter holiday and has its origins in pagan traditions. The custom seems to have first appeared in Germany, around 1500, because rabbit-shaped sugar cakes first appeared there.

The legend of the eggs hidden by Easter

It is said that this legend is closely related to the sad story of a poor woman who could not afford to buy and give sweets to her children. But, to cheer up the little ones, the woman decorated eggs and hid them in the garden. The next day, the children saw a rabbit and thought it was the one who laid the eggs in the garden. Since then, one of the children's habits is to make a nest of leaves in the yard / garden so that the bunny can fill it with eggs overnight.

Because we stay longer in the house, we suggest you make together with the little Easter bunnies objects that you already have in the house. Decorations that you can place anywhere in the house.

German emigrants took the rabbit across the ocean

In America, this tradition of the Easter bunny, who brings painted eggs as gifts to good children, was brought by German emigrants. On the American continent, the animal with big ears is a legendary character. In some tribes, there is a myth that describes how the rabbit brought fire to humans. In Mayan culture, he was credited with inventing writing.

To Buddhists, the bunny is a selenium creature. Legend has it that, having no offering to bring to the goddess Indra, the bunny cooked himself in the sacred fire. As a reward, he was placed on the moon.

And in the Chinese tradition, the bunny is a creature that lives on the moon, where it deals with grinding rice, the essence of life.

Where does the tradition of the Easter Bunny come from

Along with the traditional Easter eggs, in recent years, people around the world have begun to offer chocolate eggs and figurines in the shape of the Easter bunny. In many Western European countries, even this Easter Bunny is the one that hides chocolate eggs through the house and garden, for the joy of children. But what are the origins of this new Pascal symbol?

The Easter bunny comes from German lands and symbolizes fertility, writes teotrandafir.com. The first appearance of the rabbit as a symbol of Easter took place in Germany and was mentioned in books around 1500, although it is likely that it has been present for a long time in popular tradition.

The Germans are, in fact, the first to invent sweets in the shape of rabbits, in 1800, from dough and sugar. During the same period, the first chocolate eggs appeared in France and Germany.

The Easter Bunny has a pagan origin

The symbol of the rabbit comes from the time of the pagan festivals dedicated to the goddess Eastre. Legend has it that one winter Eastre found a wounded bird in the field to save her from death, the goddess turned her into a rabbit, which retained the ability to lay eggs. To thank his benefactress, the rabbit decorated the eggs and gave them to the goddess. From this legend was born the tradition for the rabbit to bring gifts to children.

In America, this tradition of the Easter bunny, which brings painted eggs to good children, was brought by the Germans.

The bunny, a sacred symbol in different cultures

Although not a very impressive animal, the rabbit is a sacred messenger of divinity in many cultures.
In Chinese tradition, the rabbit is a creature that lives on the moon, where it deals with grinding rice, the essence of life.
For Buddhists, the rabbit is also a selenarian creature. Legend has it that, having no offering to bring to the goddess Indra, the rabbit cooked himself in the sacred fire and, as a reward, was placed on the moon.
And on the American continent, the animal with big ears is a legendary character. In some tribes there is a myth that describes how the rabbit brought fire to humans, while in Mayan culture it was credited with the invention of writing.

How to obtain the model:

Cut the sock into 10-12 cm lengths, then cut each piece in half lengthwise. Put the leaf on the egg and holding it in place with one hand, cover it with a piece of tights with the other hand, without changing its position. Grab the ends of the tights and, after making sure that the leaf is in the desired position and has not crumpled, tighten and stretch the tights. Tie it using papiota thread (wrap a few times tightly) or with an elastic.
Prepare the paint sachets according to the instructions on the package, using hot water and vinegar, then put eggs in the paint for 4-5 minutes. After the time has elapsed, take the eggs out on a plate lined with napkins and leave them to dry.
When the eggs have dried, carefully remove the torso, using scissors, and peel off the leaves.

Bunny Buns for Easter & # 8211 video recipe

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Bunny bunny or how we make a special bread for Easter. The Easter meal is one of the most important of the year, along with the Christmas meal. We try to load it with goodies that we don't eat for the rest of the year and that we prepare especially for Easter. We all do bread, lamb soup, drob or lamb stew. But we neglect the bread and most of the time we are satisfied with the one bought from the store. Unfortunately, commercial bread is full of all kinds of ingredients, including preservatives, margarine, even sugar or caramel syrup.

For this reason I wanted to show you a super recipe for bunny buns, very suitable for this occasion, easy to make and extremely nice. I really like the shape of a rabbit and I want to tell you that the little ones are really happy with them. I even gave my Sarah one to mumble one and had a lot of fun trying to eat the bunnies' ears. And my niece was delighted with them and they liked the taste. I like it very much the bread, especially the homemade one and especially warm. For me these buns were perfect hot, eaten with a little butter and salt.

The recipe is simple, bread. For extra taste and texture I added a little more butter, but you can replace it with the same amount of oil. But the butter tastes better and I like to use it for buns. Being a holiday recipe, we can use more special ingredients, even if they are more caloric. We just don't do them every day! For flour I used Delight type 650, for bakery. It is perfect for any bread dough and it works very nicely with it. I also use it for pizza and the dough comes out perfect every time.

The rabbit shape is easy to make and I challenge you to make these buns with your children. They will have fun modeling the bunnies, and in the end they will eat them with a lot of appetite. If you want, you can make them sweet, from a cake dough and you can even fill them with walnuts or cheese. They are so fluffy and simply break into strips. They are the best buns I've tried so far, and their shape is truly wonderful. If you have not yet chosen the perfect cake recipe, you can try my recipe for chocolate cake. It is incredibly fluffy, fragrant and full of delicious filling.

Festive Flower and Easter Recipes

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Festive Flower and Easter Recipes

Drob recipes can be seen here, there are other forms, from lamb, pork, chicken or beef organs, according to preference.

It can't be an Easter or Christmas recipe, without a little drob on the table, can it? I gave you some recipes for drob that can be prepared from any kind of organs: lamb, poultry, pork, beef & hellip for all tastes. The classic drob, in the form of tart, muffins, guguluf or dressed in bacon, fragile ally or puff pastry, I recommend some fine and creamy recipes, without being that dry and inecacious drob.

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15 recipes for the Easter meal

No matter how much work you have and how little time you spend in the kitchen, you rarely find a house without painted eggs on Resurrection Day. And to help you with ideas, here it is how to decorate Easter eggs with leaves , how you can dress them in napkins or how you can paint them with natural ingredients !

Recipes for appetizers for the Easter meal

In addition to the common spring dishes, with appetizers, dishes such as stuffed eggs, delicious fresh radishes, or stick-cut cucumbers, I also recommend a series of eclere aperitif .

In essence, you can fill them with what you want. But if you prefer the healthy and nutritious version, you will choose avocado paste. But they will not disappoint you even if you fill them with cream cheese or pate.
The most zealous housewives, however, will not shy away from preparing a delicious beef salad to complete the meal, in terms of Easter appetizers.
If you are still serving a series of heavy meals, prepare beef salad with chicken , which is even easier to make, and more friendly to the guests' stomachs.

Main course for Easter meal

For those who really care about traditions, there is no Easter without honey soup or honey steak , to mark the Easter holidays.
For others, however, who do not necessarily want to eat lamb, or even do not support this type of meat at all, there are many alternatives steak recipes for pasta , and The soup can even be vegetables or a loboda bags , to balance the caloric intake a little.

Dessert recipes for Easter meal

Easter without cake, you rarely meet. Even those who do not have time can use a trick and prepare one cake without kneading, with walnuts and cocoa plenty.
Otherwise, if you don't necessarily care about customs, you can also try the English version of glazed mini-cakes , a miniature delight that will disappear from the table in record time.

As far as foreign recipes are concerned, the Italians also have a very nice dessert snack, woven and colored Italian coil , in the center of which you will place a beautifully decorated Easter egg. If you want to buy one cozonac Panettone , try it before you make it at home, and you will see that it turns out better than anything you can find to buy.

You have a little time left, but would you like a creamy and traditional dessert? Try it easter recipe without dough , a dessert that you put in the oven in a maximum of 10 minutes!

And because just the cake or Easter are not enough to satisfy our craving for sweets in the days after the Resurrection, here it is 10 simple and quick cake recipes , which you can place on the Easter table.

Tablecloth with bunnies

Have you started preparing for the Easter meal? Choose a tablecloth with bunnies for decoration, it will fit perfectly with the festive atmosphere.

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More information about Tablecloth with bunnies

To get into the atmosphere of the Easter holidays, decorating the house is the first thing you need to do. Besides various decorations, a tablecloth with Easter motifs will wonderfully complete the decor. I recommend this tablecloth with bunnies which will keep the atmosphere of the holiday while you have lunch or dinner with the family. The tablecloth is made of cotton and is printed with playful bunnies and eggs. The quality print reflects good taste and will highlight the dishes and arrangements on the table.

See here other tablecloths with Easter motifs!

A tablecloth is a decorative accessory that, if chosen carefully, can give the room and the table arrangement an extra note of brilliance and refinement. Make sure the size is right for your table and that you choose a color and a model with good taste. A tablecloth with bunnies, is always a good choice, whether it's a family meal or a party. Your table will look impeccable and will be protected from possible stains or dirt. Do not forget the decorative, finely scented candles will give a note of elegance, romance and distinction to the Easter table.

How to prepare bunnies from bun dough

The dough is prepared exactly as in Hefekranz (see recipe here). After it leavened and I degassed it, I divided the dough like this: 6 sticks and 6 oval pieces. The sticks will form the body and the ovals will be the ends of these dough bunnies.

Modeling Bunny bun rolls

I rolled each baguette on the table, lengthening it until it reached approx. 40 cm long. I prepared 2 trays with baking paper and heated the oven to 200 C. I twisted each wand like a snail and placed it in the tray (3 in each tray).

Bridge: the spirals should NOT be rolled tightly because they will tend to increase in height, upwards. It should be left lighter to increase in width.

I shaped the heads in my hand like elongated meatballs and placed them glued to the spirals (I greased with a little cold water the place where they touch, to hold better). With a pair of scissors I pinched the heads so as to form the ears. The last ones were the raisins that I placed as eyes. I watered a little with my finger the place where I was going to place them and I pressed them well to stay in position.