Two-tone omelet

Separate the yolks from the egg whites and lightly homogenize each one, separately, with a fork.

Grease the frying pan with oil and put it on the stove, over low heat.

First pour the egg whites into the pan, level them and keep them on the fire until they thicken. Then take the pan aside and with a knife with a thin, sharp blade cut the strips, which are placed on another plate, being careful not to break.

Put the pan back on low heat and pour the yolks into the cut-out space. Level it so that the yolks stick to the already coagulated egg whites.

Keep the pan on low heat until the yolks thicken, then turn over (by sliding lightly) on a plate.

Grease the pan with oil again and put the strip of egg whites, cut from the previously prepared omelette, then pour the yolks into the cut spaces. Level it so that the yolks stick to the egg whites.

Put the pan on low heat until the yolks are set.

Take the pan off the heat and pour the two-colored omelette on a plate.

Finally, mount the plate with the two two-tone omelettes and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce ...) olives, or sour.

While the omelettes are cooking over low heat, you can toast the slices of toast for serving.


Separate the egg whites well from the yolks.


Do not use too much oil. The pan only needs to be greased, as for making pancakes.


Carefully cut as many strips of egg whites (or yolks) as you think you can "handle".


The omelets could be rolled in the form of pancakes, but it is a rather delicate and risky operation, because they can break easily. So it is preferable to fold them.


You can start with the yolks, especially since they dry easily. I had more egg whites left (because I poured them in a thin layer in the pan) after preparing the omelets, but the yolks were completely used.


Do not mix the egg whites, because the foam will be difficult to prepare in the form of an omelet.


Do not fry the omelettes on both sides. It's not necessary...


Serve with any vegetables you have on hand and you like, or with sour.

Two-tone omelet - Recipes

Add all the sifted flour and over it, the mayonnaise that has risen in the meantime.

We start to knead, and after the first 10 minutes, we add a little fat, be careful not all at once.
I left it to knead for 14 minutes, this is the program from the car, then I added two more spoons of milk and I kneaded for another 14 minutes.


how well the cake turned out.
some prizes and a challenge of mine are waiting for you on the pup pa blog

daniela how nice your cake has grown. I'm not talking about taste, I'm sure it's very good.
in other words, I also have some problems with your blog. it gives me error when I want to enter and I have to refresh two, three times until it displays my page and when I want to comment I get a crazy registered & quot. I don't know if other people have suffered.
kisses and a wonderful weekend

Oh, how beautiful it looks and I'm sure it was incredibly good. -P. I hug you and I'm waiting for you to do it with poppy seeds. d

This is so beautiful and looks delicious, perfectly done. Have a great weekend dear.

and with walnuts. many kisses. very good. a prize and a challenge are waiting for you at my place..pupici ptr. Isabella ... I hope it's okay.

It looks super good, it's a babacan cake!
Regarding the filling, don't be afraid, the cake when it has the filling grows better and no coconut comes out! Of course the filling at room temperature!
(I'm not a professional but I noticed when I made two cakes, one with shit and one with stuffing, the result was that the one with stuffing grew more).
Sorry if I bored you, kiss you!

Thanks, Sarah! I solved the problem you say you had. I had a problem posting recipes, it crashed, but it was from the blogger. I discovered. Kisses and have a nice Sunday!

Thank you, Novelina! I never made poppy seeds, I just sprinkled a little on top, because I would need a little as much as the filling. A big kiss!

Thanks, Alina! I'll make it with walnuts soon. Kisses and have a nice Sunday!

Thanks, Daniela! Any advice is welcome, do not bore me, thank you for telling me, just why we are here to give and receive advice. Kisses and have a nice Sunday!

daniela is true. the problem has been solved, now the blog works perfectly. kisses

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You can see your cake is falling apart, many girls can't do it, the real cake has its "quotes".
If you don't mind, lower the amount of sugar to 100g (it will "talk less" on top) add a little more shit without fear, increase the number of yolks (it will be soft for several days) and there would be more.
A nice Sunday! hip

Thanks Rina, for the visit and for the advice. I think it blushed a bit on the surface that I sprinkled some more sugar, but I'll try as you say, as for the shit, I would have put more, but I can not find here like the one in the country, I improvised with some candy that they kind of melted in the oven. Thanks again, have a nice Sunday and a wonderful week!

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