South American brunch

Boil the qunoa according to the instructions on the package, in salted water.

Heat a little olive oil in a pan, over high heat, add the cumin seeds and after 30 seconds drain the beans and rinse under running cold water. Cook for 5-7 minutes, until crispy.

Place the chopped chili and jalapeno in a bowl and add the sugar, vinegar and a little salt.

Drain the quinoa, sprinkle with olive oil, lemon juice and salt, transfer to a plate and leave to cool.

Fry eggs in a little oil, according to your preferences.

Place eggs over quinoa, add beans, avocado pieces, chopped tomatoes, green onions and chili and jalapeno, along with a little dim sauce in which they were marinated.

Sprinkle with coriander and mint leaves and sprinkle with olive oil and spicy sauce.

Video: Healthy South American Brunch. Jamie Oliver. #10HealthyMeals (October 2021).