Which Country Consumes the Most Chocolate?

An interactive map shows which nation ate the most chocolate in 2012

Most of high-consuming countries were in Europe.

According to a study performed by Leatherhead Food Research, Confectionary News has made an interactive map of the top 20 chocolate consuming countries for 2012.

Research found that most of the countries were based in Europe, due to the location of chocolate brands like Nestlé and Lindt in Switzerland.

The average Swiss citizen had 11.9 kg of chocolate per capita in 2012, making it the highest consuming country analyzed in the study. Your typical Swiss chocolate bar is about 40-45 grams, meaning each person has about 240 bars per year.

Ireland was the second largest consumer, with an average chocolate consumption of 9.9 kg. The United States had about 5.5 kg per capita in 2012, and was surpassed by the UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Canada, France, Poland, Russia, Australia, and Sweden.

Factors that may have contributed to the findings include whether or not the country has a large middle class population with high disposable income.