Stuffed pike

We clean the fish of scales and wash well.

It is easily cut around the head without cutting the head at all, this is how the peeling method begins. With the help of a wide and long knife, it comes off easily in the cut area (we peel off the skin of the meat). Then with the help of our fingers we pull down to the wings, there we cut bone by bone without breaking the skin, reaching the tail we cut the string. We debone the pike meat, we pass it through the mincer with smoked ham and squeezed milk bread. Finely chop the onion and sauté it with the rice, add water from time to time until the rice swells. Boil the carrot, cut it into cubes neither too big nor too small. Mix all ingredients with egg, carrot, finely chopped parsley, onion and rice, salt and pepper to taste.

We fill the pike with the obtained composition, we put 2-3 spoons each, we pull the composition slightly down towards the tail. We also fill our heads.

Grease a pan with a generous layer of butter, place the pike nicely on the bed of butter and butter on top of the pike. Bake for 30-35 minutes at 160-170 ° until the skin becomes copper.

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