13 Food Quotes Worth Tweeting

Hang these food-inspired quotes and prints in your home for a little push in the right culinary direction

These quotes will have you repeating and tweeting them all day.

The right string of words can really stay with you. Think about it — things your mother has said to you thousands of times, your favorite line from a movie, or a quote from a book you read in the third grade are ingrained in your memory.

While we’d love to chronicle all of our favorite quotes and their originators — hello Penny Lane, Chuck Bass, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dr. Seuss — that seems like an endless task.

But we have something even better: a collection of fantastic food-inspired quotes that will not only supply a laugh or a deep thought, but some might even make you a better cook.

Whether you’re a chocoholic, a tea addict, a gin lover, or just an Italian who lives and dies by spaghetti, we have a quote for you.

Print them, frame them, hang them above your kitchen table or next to your stove, or tape them to the refrigerator — put them wherever you want a little food inspiration.

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