Chocolate chip cookie

Two cakes come out of this quantity. I had a smaller silicone shape and a larger normal one.

The cake forms will be lined with freshness foil.

1. Put the milk (400 ml of the total) in which we added the vanilla and rum essences over low heat in a large bowl.

2. Mix eggs with sugar and then flour until you get a creamy composition. Add the rest of the milk (300 ml) and mix well.

3. Pour the composition in a thin thread over the hot milk. Stir until the cream thickens and keep on the fire for 6 or 7 minutes, being careful not to get caught (for this we stir from time to time).

4. Take the bowl off the heat and put the butter pieces and then the chocolate and mix again until they melt and homogenize the cream. Add the rum and mix.

5. I crushed a packet of biscuits and mixed it with a cup of cream (of the total amount). A biscuit salami filling will form. (This is for a more special look, but it is optional)

6. Assembly:

At the base of the form we place the first layer of biscuit salami, then a layer of cream.

We put a row of biscuits and a row of chocolate cream and we do so until the edge of the form.

I only did this with one cake ... the other cake was made only of biscuits and cream.

Wrap the cake in foil and leave it in the cold for a few hours ... if you can forget about it overnight, it's even better.

The next day, turn it over on a plate, slice it and serve it for pleasure and inspiration ... it's magical :)