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Mannik on kefir

Ingredients for the preparation of manna on kefir

  1. Sugar (sand) 1 cup
  2. Semolina 2 cups
  3. Chicken egg (fresh) 4 pieces
  4. Baking soda 1 teaspoon
  5. Table vinegar 9% 1 tablespoon
  6. Kefir 500 milliliters
  7. Vanilla Sugar 1 sachet (15 grams)
  8. Butter 2 tablespoons
  • Main ingredients: Kefir, Manka, Sugar
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


A glass (capacity 200 milliliters), a tablespoon, a teaspoon, a whisk, a deep bowl, a baking dish, a silicone kitchen spatula, an oven, kitchen oven mitts, a wooden toothpick (skewer or match), a metal kitchen spatula, a fine mesh sieve, cutting board , tray or large flat dish, dessert plate.

Cooking manna on kefir:

Step 1: prepare the dough - stage one.

First, put in the deep bowl the right amount of chicken eggs. Then pour in the granulated sugar and beat these products with a whisk until a homogeneous consistency without grains. As soon as the mixture doubles, add semolina, vanilla sugar and pour in kefir. Shake everything again until smooth and set aside on one hour, semolina should infuse and swell.

Step 2: prepare the mold and oven.

After about 40-45 minutes, turn on and preheat the oven up to 180 degrees Celsius. Then we take a round non-stick shape or a pan with a removable handle and grease its bottom, as well as the inside of the side with a piece of butter. After that, sprinkle a layer of fat with two tablespoons of semolina and spread on the countertop other ingredients that will be needed to make the pie.

Step 3: prepare the dough - stage two.

After one hour, add soda vinegar slaked with vinegar to the swollen semolina dough. Again, thoroughly shake everything and pour the resulting mixture into the prepared form. Carefully level it with a silicone kitchen spatula so that it lies flat, and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: bake the manna on kefir.

We check whether the oven has warmed up to the desired temperature, and only after that we send the raw cake to it, setting the container on the middle rack. Bake dessert for 40-60 minutes or until golden brown.
The time may vary depending on the height, as well as the diameter of the shape and quality of the oven. Therefore approximately after 40-45 minutes we check its readiness with a toothpick, match or skewer.
Just insert the end of the wooden stick into the pulp of the cake and get it. If it is wet, stand the product in the oven yet 5-10 minutes until the next check!

Is the tree dry, without sticky wet lumps of dough? Then we put on kitchen gloves, remove the form from the oven and put it on a cutting board, previously laid on the countertop.
We cool the manna to room temperature, then pry it with a wide kitchen spatula, carefully move it to a tray or a large flat dish, sprinkle it with icing sugar and powdered sugar and serve on a table.

Step 5: serve the manna on kefir.

Mannik on kefir after cooking is cooled to room temperature. Then it is transferred to a tray or a large flat dish, decorated with icing sugar, a favorite cream, soaked in condensed milk, fruit or berry syrup and served as a dessert on a sweet table. Very often, each portion of this yummy is supplemented with whipped cream, sour cream or balls of ice cream, and it is pleasant to savor such a pie with hot or cold drinks: tea, coffee, cocoa, kefir, yogurt, as well as juice. Enjoy it!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- you can use a mixer to mix products;

- sometimes soaked raisins and chopped dried fruits, dried berries or crushed nuts, for example, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, are added to semolina dough;

- the form can be greased with vegetable oil or creamy margarine and sprinkled with two tablespoons of ordinary sifted wheat flour;

- if you don’t like the rather specific smell of baking soda and vinegar, use baking powder - a baking powder for dough instead of these ingredients. For the above mass of products you will need about 2 bags of 15 grams;

- an alternative to vanilla sugar - a teaspoon of liquid extract of this spice;

- the taste of the cake is very sweet, therefore, if desired, the amount of sugar can be slightly reduced.