Chocolate tart and cocoa meringue

On the fire in a kettle over low heat melt the butter and melt the chocolate in it. Let it cool a bit. In the mixer we put eggs, vanilla, sugar and then flour, we mix very well until the composition swells. Pour the butter with the chocolate and continue mixing until it is very well incorporated. We take a round tart pan, grease it with butter or put baking paper and pour our composition. Bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

We make meringues: We put everything in the mixer and mix long enough until it becomes a very thick composition, we check with a teaspoon, if it doesn't fall out of the teaspoon when we return, our meringue is ready!

Ten minutes before it is ready, take out the tart and place the meringue with the special whipped cream machine. We put it in the oven for another ten minutes, being careful not to burn it, it is done very quickly.

And a great appetite for tart goodness!