Spice Up Your Summer Party Presentation

We’re all about summer entertaining — the opportunities to get creative are endless with the added outdoor component. Whether you’re hosting a brunch alfresco, a pool party, or a BBQ bash, it’s a fantastic idea to use your surroundings as a canvas for ideas.

What do we mean? Well, with a little help from Pinch Food Design, a New York City catering and event planning company that’s all about the presentation and their new at-home dinner party experience, Pinch Plated, we’ll give you a little visual. Think about all of the tools you use throughout the summer — a wheelbarrow for gardening, a patio umbrella, and a hanging plant hook for your summer blooms. While you might think they serve only one purpose, you'd be wrong. Go out of the box with us this season.

Here's what owners TJ Girard and Bob Spiegel had to say about out of the box presentations:

“People eat with their eyes, so it is equally valuable to create food that is appetizing as well as aesthetically pleasing. Just as you might analyze a piece of artwork, the color choice, form, and structure, you can also do the same for food, so there is an opportunity to make the presentation of the food just as exciting as the taste. For our guests, we love creating an element of surprise with our presentation.

For instance, by using a wheelbarrow as a raw bar, we are taking something out of its normal context and using it in a fun and unique way. It also adds a bit of bit of humor to the party and makes a lasting impression on the guests.”

Make the most of your summer party menu by serving up your dishes in style! These ideas are easy to achieve and not expensive to pull off, and your guests will be beyond wowed — we promise.

This post was originally published on May 28, 2013.

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