Rumored 'Tips for Jesus' Mogul Jack Selby Leaves Bartender $5,000 Tip

‘Tips for Jesus’ has been leaving hefty tips for restaurant staff since 2013

In September of 2013, an anonymous diner started leaving mammoth tips for servers at restaurants and bars around the country. The only clue to the mystery man’s identity is his signature, “@tipsforjesus,” which leads to an Instagram page showing credit card slips on which he’s penned his mark next to a fat gratuity. The last post, dating back to January 2, shows a $2,000 tip on a $318 bill.

People have long speculated that former PayPal executive Jack Selby is the man behind the movement, although it’s never been confirmed. Selby was most recently spotted at Guyer’s — a bar on New York City’s Upper West Side run by romance novel book-cover model Cindy Guyer — where he ordered over $100 in drinks and left a $5,000 tip.

“The bartender was brought to tears,” a source told the New York Post. Selby’s receipt was allegedly signed “Tips for Jesus” and “We’re back!”

But Selby’s not alone. Apparently there is a larger group of people collectively dishing out generous tips.

“It’s not necessarily Christian,” the source told the New York Post. “It’s giving back in creative ways and hopefully inspires people.”

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Watch the video: Manhattan Bartender Gets Massive Tip As Part Of Tips For Jesus Movement (January 2022).