Beef salad

Preparation Boeuf salad :

We boil the potatoes with the peel and when they are ready we clean them and chop them into cubes, as well as the cucumbers and donuts.

In a pot put the chicken breast, carrots, onion and parsley root cleaned, put water and boil, froth and when they are cooked remove the breast and carrots and chop them into cubes (with the remaining juice we can make a soup).

Meanwhile I drained the peas and made the mayonnaise (mix the 2 yolks and gradually add the oil, stirring each time until everything is absorbed).

Mix potatoes, donuts, cucumbers, carrots, peas and chicken breast with mayonnaise, season with salt and arrange Boeuf salad on trays (plates).

If we want to decorate Boeuf salad as you like.

Video: Spicy Thai Grilled Pork Salad Moo Nam Tok - Marions Kitchen (October 2021).